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5 Food Habits You Need To Give Up For Your Pimples!


Recently I have seen a lot of breakouts on my skin which never happened before, even though I have a concealer or a BB cream to fix it up, It still needed to be treated. And then, I made a conscious effort of checking up on my diet. Here are my Top 5 food habits I have been going wrong with- 

1. Caffeine
No matter how many hydrating moisturizers you buy for your face, If your body is dehydrated on the inside, nothing will help. Watch your intake of caffeine (including all those carbonated drinks and incessant coffee breaks at work).

2. Sugar. Refined, synthetic Sugar.
Sugar is my weakness and it is major problem for most of the Punjabis after-all. But then breakouts are reason enough why I would like to keep a check on my sugar intake! Instead of the synthetic sugar, go for the real; coconut sugar, honey, agave are just a few that can be great replacement.

3. Fried food
fried cheese balls, fried chicken wings, I know, I know...But the truth is that the more “cooked” it is, the harder it is for our body to digest and thus, beautiful pimples begin to show. Stress less on fired, and maybe try baked. Oh Btw I read about this awesome Baked potatoes (just like fired finger chips recipe) that I will post soon, so yeah, look for alternatives!

4. Excessive Intake of Dairy Products
This includes Cheese, Paneer, Rsgulla, Khoa and Ghee. There are a lot of growth hormones contained in dairy which have an unnatural affect on our body.

5. Trans Fats
Fats Food, Chips, Donuts and almost everything not organic! I know It's not possible to not eat anything like this, but if you have excessive breakout problem and if you really love yourself, please draw a limit otherwise those pimples will never stop, NEVER. Trans fat generally isn't good for anyone that's why it is always suggested that one must go in for exercising and working out, but if that ain't possible especially in this sardi then cut down on it's consumption, for your own-self!

For those of you who arr rolling your eyes seeing the pointers above, I too am trying to take a stand (Have already applied pointer no. 1, 3 and 4), I will suggest that you too try to rid yourself slowly of at least three things from this list. Let’s kick start a great new year!
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  1. Wow.. very informative. But I cant sacrifice so much... love augar, fried food. ..