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2014: New outfit + New Project + The Big News


I am just so super happy to kick start 2014 with so many new projects and new associations and of course my first outfit post for 2014. I have been so happy to run ##Bodypositive campaign on my blog and it inspires me every single day to read how women are falling in love with themselves. I also want to to talk about how I never thought I could pull off a leather skirt look because I was so worried of how my curves would show, but here I am, embracing myself every single way, all thanks to #BP campaign ;)

2014 means alot to me and to my family. I am getting ready to launch my Blogshop version 2.0. I met so many beautiful artists and artisans from the interior of the country, courtesy my army background and travelling that Team Guiltybytes sat down to develop a platform that could help these great creators promote their art. On Indian Spring you will find clothes, Indian threads, embroideries, young designers with contemporary clothing and Jewllery, all of my favorite fashion subjects. I don't intend to make a million from The new project, but I'd rather follow my passion to be a happy person after all. I would love if you guys would lend me as much support as you have given me for Guiltybytes. This blog has been a daily source of inspiration in my life, I have begun to love life, myself, my friends and the whole world so much more all because of this one blog. I can't thank you guys enough for it. Well now I can stop being emotional and I hope you guys like my lace & leather skirt look with my all new Zara heels. Don't worry if you have little curves showing, just smile and be confident. 

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