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Skin whitening creams are not personal favorites since I have learnt to embrace the brown skin-tone I am born with. If you were to ask me, yes, it took a lot of time for me to give up on all kinds of whitening products but here I am reviewing a product that came in the mail and is part of my daily skincare routine. Read on to know what is it all about...

The true white day cream by ZA (“zee:ae”) gets a big thumbs up from me for it's SPF quality! It really does work in the sun! The texture is not very light, might even remind you of old school charmis cream, but it evaporates like a moisturizer within no time. It smells florally, subtle and pleasant. For combination skin, skin would look a tad shinning until it fully matted on skin. After you apply it, you need to mix it well to get the best possible results. It does make skin look lighter at the time of application but it works like a sun protector after that. After 2 weeks of application, I have felt a little improvement in my skin texture but that's also because I have started to use skin serum daily. For someone with an oily skin, the cream may not be a best bet but for those who have dry skin or a combination skin like mine, this does work and like how!

For me, Shisedio's new brand Za satisfies my quench for a budget moisturizer with extra value added of Sun protection!

WILL PURCHASE AGAIN? Yes, for it replaces the headache of using a moisturizer and sunscreen separately.
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  1. Radha KrishnakumarApril 19, 2014 at 6:00 PM

    Nice review dear :D

  2. Seems like a great product...would try it...thanx for the recommendation!!!

  3. Thanks for the review !

  4. Thanks for posting this information, I am planning to buy this product.

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