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Merry Christmas!!!


To my dear family, loved one, friends and most importantly, my readers...

It is going to be two years when we will celebrate birthday of this beautiful journey, my blog! It is not fair how our years together as a family feel so short, yet our time away from blogging feels so long. Thank you for showing me to how to number my days...

The first time I had a comment on my blog, I was captured. It was not the way I was appreciated or criticized or judged, but the very fact that someone cared about my thoughts, my writings captured my heart. Thank you for showing me that love does exist! As time went on we all have developed a friendship that I thought could only develop over years of knowing one and another. Thank you for showing me that friendship cannot be measured by seeing, meeting or spending time together. Sometimes, it's just a mutual adoration.

To my family, ma, papa, divi, jeeze, sam and sanchita Thank you for helping me realize that dreams really do come true. Thank you for supporting me, always. 

To my readers, Thank you for accepting me, my writing, and who I really am. It means the world to me. 
You guys make me feel beautiful, always.

Merry Christmas and; I hope you all have an awesome year ahead. :)

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