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New Video: 'Appu Goes To States'


I couldn't believe myself when I saw the final video I created and I know for a reason that this bride had already given up on me for making, creating this piece for her (It seemed like an endless wait to her, to everyone, to em as well :p)  But as they say, the best things in life, come with great patience, and I couldn't have chosen a better day than today as it's my bride's Birthday today!

All my readers, please wish a very happy birthday to this b'ful girl, now a woman! Hers is a story, simple and short, NOT. It's like a little girl was given away by her family to a Prince who came in like a gentle breeze in this world of chaos. 'Appu Goes To States' is indeed a story of woman who till the last moment didn't know what is marriage all about...but what she did know was that she had found her Mr. Perfect who she could trust, she could love. Here's a little trailer from her wedding, hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I loved making it! Do let me know your thoughts by dropping your comments below. Oh and Yes, the song, It's my favorite track from Ed Sheeran, Give Me Love. 

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  1. hi.... i am a bride to be... and even i want to get such a vedio made .... :)