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Why Lancome Dream Tone Worked For Me!


After six weeks of rigorous trial, I’m ready to join the chorus and add to the hype about Lancome Dream-tone serum. It is seriously like a magic in a bottle for me! The good news for every woman is that dreamtone is divided into three colour profiles, light, medium and dark. I am using dream-tone 2. 

I read a lot of blogs on how so not wonderful this product is and that it is very expensive, but trust me, it's been a value for money for me. I admit, I am not blessed with a flawless skin, in fact I have played so much sports in my lifetime that my skin has had hard times with sun. I have acne, and little bit of pigmentation due to overexposure but the good thing is that I am not very prone to pimples, so yes, the dreamtone serum has helped me tackle various issues, with evenness of the skin being the most important one. 

Priced at a whooping INR 6,900, the dreamtone serum has a soothing, creamy texture and seeps into your skin instantly, leaving a light, healthy tint. It immediately illuminates the skintone and gets absorbed quickly. It has a rosy fragrance but that doesn't last long.

You can't have dramatic results in a short span of time and that's why I am writing this review pretty late. I use it daily. After a nice bath, I pump the bottle once to get just a little bit of serum and I evenly spread it all over my face. As soon as it dries, I use my neutrogena sunscreen if I am going out of house. Otherwise it's just the serum that's there on the face. I sue it once daily, but if you are looking for better results then it is recommended to use it twice!


What imperfections worry you the most? Are you happy in your bare skin? Do share!

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  1. It also work for me. I use it daily. :)

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  2. Thanks for sharing this Lancome product. I didn't even know what it is. I have similar problems as you have mentioned in your post. Perhaps, I can try this, :)

  3. Sounds amazing dear. I must try it as I also have oily acne prone skin. Great review sweety :-)