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Happy Birthday Month To Me!


Wednesdays are my favorite days of the week, and July is my favorite month, and that's why today's post is dedicated to Miss Guilty a.k.a 'me'. Since you all know that my birthday month is already on a roll, and that I will turn '23' (16 at heart) this year, I thought of doing this shoot with my talented, best friend, photographer, all in that order to celebrate getting older and wiser (hopefully). 

Like each year, I failed at making a wishlist for myself. My life has been on a roll ever since 2014 started, literally. From new work, to new business, new people, to new collaborations, I did it all and then very recently I launched what I had longed to do. I created a community, dedicated to a soldier's better half called as Married To Olive Green.  Because subconsciously in my head, I have been married to my father's uniform since I was a kid, so creating this community came very naturally to me and I am proud that I could pull it off with my sister and my best friend. Do check it out guys. So again, back to my birthday...this year I am celebrating it with my friends and family and I plan to host a nice dinner party for everyone! I have new goals, new aspirations this year as well and I hope before I close 2014, all those are fulfilled. 

At, 23, one thing I am surely proud of is this forum, I have worked with the best of the brands, traveled for work, wrote from my heart and learnt new technical skills. Thank you for a constant support and I hope I never let you, my readers down ever. For all those, who are still a apart of my world, a biiiiggg hug! :) :) :)

Also, Gear up for giveaways starting next week till my birthday! A little thank you gesture I guess! 

Dress- Custom Stitched
Boyfriend Jacket- Van Heusen
Heels- Zara
Location- Lodhi Garden

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  1. Lovely outfit! You look so gorgeous and have such a beautiful smile! :)
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Wonderful photographs! I love your dress & your hair looks beautiful :)

  3. hey you look soooo gorgeous my dear. n happpy bday month. lots of love,

  4. Your best friend is a good photographer. Love the dress. Love the blazer.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  5. Divya Malhotra KoulJuly 13, 2014 at 11:03 AM

    You are Beautiful... sequins or no sequins.. u shine,u glow. so proud of you. all that you have achieved and are yet to accomplish.. many manay blessings to you. On this bday month i just wanna tell you are an amazing sister and i love you so much. and U make me swell wid pride. i am super lucky to have a sister like u. U make me wanna be a better person. i love u

  6. wow must say lovely dress.looking like a princess

  7. Happy birthday... you look gorgeous dear.. love that sequin dress!