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SIX 90's Indipop Artists We Miss!


Even though I am horribly late with this week's #FlashbackFriday post, I promise to cheer to up with video curations that you will make you travel back to 90's. From endless cassette collection to notes with scribbled lyrics- the 90's was a magical music era. Here are top 10 indipop artists you need to re-visit right away...

1. Falguni Pathak
The love era that began with Falguni Pathak's songs stayed all throughout 90's like forever. Meri choonar ur ur jaye, to chudi jo khanke haaton mei, the tomboy falguni's videos made us all fall in love with the idea of love and not to forget the yummy boys like Dino Moreia and hunk Iqbal Khan are proof that the last race of good looking men vanished post 90's era.

2. Shweta Shetty
'Deewant, Deewane to Deewane Hai' was a sure shot song that every 12th grader wanted to perform on her farewell party. The dusky beauty captured attention and hearts in that 'oh-I-am-An-Indian-Beyonce' outfit, needless to say, listen to her song below.

3. Sukhbir
No Punjabi party was ever complete without Sukhbir's oh-ho-ho-ho-oho haan ishq kidar raah tadpawe. The 90's Honey Singh, Sukhbir was a rage with that song and still is, don't you agree with me?

4. Stereo Nation
The next band on this list is Stereo Nation with their amazing  tracks 'Nachange Saari Raat' and 'Don't Break My Heart', everyone was tuned to fusion music. I guess that was the time, we actually heard the word, fusion!

5. Lucky Ali
A.K.A Masoon Ali won everyone's heart with 'O Sanam'. His voice was a gift from uparwala and Miss Guilty sincerely misses his songs big time!

6. Altaf Raja
How could I not mention my favoritest Altaf Raja, the man who broke rules with his chart-busters 'Tum Toh tehre Pardesi'. They say History repeats itself and that's why we have 90's Altaf Raja in the current decade, also popularly known as Himessssssssssh!

Hope you guys enjoyed listening and remembering the good ol artists from the 90's. I am sure it made you all realize that Time flies, nevertheless, music is timeless and now that we have YouTube, keep going through youtube suggestions for more tracks!

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