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Enjoy your Extended Weekend at bluO!


Hi guys, I am so enjoying the extended weekend and I am hoping you are all having a ball too! I visited one of the most entertaining destinations at Delhi last weekend and was floored all over again. The reason why I am adding 'all over' is because I never thought of visiting it for the food but realized on a visit recently that dining is a very large component of the total entertainment package. Say hello to PVR bluO on the bog today!

This is a great place for people of all age groups. For a fun evening with exciting indoor sports and lovely food, you should surely give a visit to this place over this weekend!

bluO Special Nachos
Murg Malai Tikka
Chillie Paneer
Prawn Tempura
Chicken Ceasar Salad
Grilled Fish Fillet
Butter Chicken
For starters we had the incredibly delicious bluO special nachos along with chillie paneer and juicy chicken malai tikka. The chicken malai tikka gets a big thumbs up as it was seasoned well and was extremely mouth melting. The next we tried was a sea food dish that's a new addition in their menu. Prawn tempura was delicious and fresh and it is value for money dish. Highly recommended to everyone. I was astounded by the variety of dishes and cuisines on the menu which ranges from Mexican to Thai to Mediterranean and Indian. For all the ceasar salad fans, I would suggest that you do try their chicken ceasar salad. Well flavored chicken along with a spread of fresh leafy salad and finger licking salad sauce, makes up for a scrumptious meal. They also have generous amount of boiled eggs added that makes it super healthy. Grilled fish fillet is another dish that flattered my palette. It's a herb marinated fish fillet which is grilled to perfection and is served with english veges and mash potatoes. Fish and . For something traditional, the butter chicken, naan and salad platter combo is excellent. It's not like fine dining but  you can surely expect a very competent standard of global dishes. 

Banana Salad and bluO Sundae
Desserts were nice too, we had a banana split and sundae, and the brownie in the sundae scored all the brownie points for me. You can give a pass to the banana split but you must try the sundae.  

With the Executive Chef at bluO, Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon
What I also discovered is that you can rent private karaoke rooms for special occasions or even just an evening out if you don't want to bowl. For a quick rejuvenation, bluO offer spa therapies too. We ended up bowling and we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. However it's the food that surprised me is a good way! Would recommend you guys to visit it and enjoy a fun filled evening with your family. 


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  1. you are one lucky girl, did u eat alll dat food, anythin left, can i come! amazing!