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REVIEW: Blossom Kochhar's Hydrating Seaweed Pack and Mineral Glow Scrub


I have been on a vacation and I am continuing to look after my skin with these new set of products that have floored me totally! Today on blog I have reviewed 2 products that don't have a forced marketing background behind them, It's Blossom Kochhar's Hydrating Seaweed Pack and Mineral Glow Scrub.

I am not being paid for this review but Blossom Kochhar is brand that I hadn't been using religiously, especially with so much clutter in the market and it's actually been a surprise, a pleasant one to use these products and see their results. 

Both these products are from aromatherapy skin care essentials range. The Mineral Scrub Glow is perfect for all skin-types and it reduces fine lines, remineralises and brightens skin. The best thing about this product is that it's 100% free of harsh chemicals. It has this beautiful fragrance and comes with a scrub formula made of cornflower and almond that buffs away dead cells and dry skin, a great product for travelers. It's like a regular scrub that you can use after a long day to moisturize your skin while washing it off. This 100ml tube is value for money and is priced at INR 160. My hero product however is the Hydrating Seaweed Pack which is a rich blend of seaweed vitamins and minerals and aloe vera extracts. It's a gel based pack and is ideal for detoxifying and hydrating skin. It leaves skin fresh an dewy. For someone whose travelling or has an outdoor job profile, the hydrating seaweed pack is exactly what your skin needs. The 100 g tube is priced at INR 375 and gets a recommendation from your Miss Guilty.

I am using these products and have been quite elated with the results, do give it try and share your feedback in the comment section. 

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  1. I have loved the seaweed pack, when it used to come in the round jar packing.. Planning to buy the new pack..