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A Usual Day & My Sleek New Phone


The style of our technology is becoming just as important as its functions. For the fashion-conscious, wearable gadgets are the ‘in’ thing and that’s why my Xperia T3 is more than a tech gadget. Be it meetings, events or parties, It turns any simple looking outfit into a head-turning fashion statement. 

I adore how elegantly sleek and slim my cell phone is. The gorgeous white colour goes well even with my pastel coloured, casual outfit. Discovering new trends & browsing websites on its beautiful display is now done in style! 

When I have a hectic day ahead of me packed with endless meetings, I take aid from my Xperia T3 to help me transform swiftly. The stunning, minimalist design compliments my easy yet chic outfit.  Xperia T3 is my go to accessory which perfectly embraces the multi-faceted qualities of a modern woman! And did I mention, how sleek and stylish it feels while I am on the go?

Looking good is not just about your clothes, it comes from within. My Xperia T3 gives me the confidence that makes any outfit look perfect. It’s like an elegant white canvas that illuminates luxury in the most minuscule way. 

A lot of creative ideas come to me during my ‘me’ time. With a tough stainless steel body and yet delicate feel in hand, Xperia T3 makes up for a perfect arm candy!

Stylish yet comfy, the outfit portrays sophistication that my Xperia T3 stands for. I am most carefree about my phone while I am shopping, also because the curved edges give it a great grip and with a perfect finish it is extremely easy to hold and carry. 

Every blogger is a star in her own right. The sheer beauty of the phone makes me stand out because of its appealing looks at all events that I attend. It adds the perfect monochrome touch to my little black dress. I literally Eat, tweet, blog repeat on my hero, the #XperiaT3.

Photographs play a very important role in every fashion blogger’s life. My evening routine includes changing nail paints and taking photos of my manicures. With the 8 mega pixel camera, my pictures surely look impressive.

While you see a lot of people carry their smartphones in covers, I can’t help but keep my white phone clutched in my hands, all most all the time. So what if it’s a special evening, I love to flaunt my most prized accessory! And yes, for dinner dates and special evenings, I am a pro at layering a black dress with a statement jacket and a bold lip shade.

My stylish Xperia T3 is an instant pick me up at any given point of the day. To me, every night ends with a new beginning and new excitement.

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  1. Thats a really gorgeous phone! And sure has good features!

  2. love the phone and you look beyond gorgeous. Where is your golden jacket from? also does the phone feel light weight, like easy to carry and stuff?

  3. phone is pretty but you make it look prettier ;)

  4. The phone looks fab!

  5. It sure is, thanks! :)

  6. Hi Shreya, thanks so much. The jacket is tailor made and the phone is extremely light to carry and flaunt ;)

  7. Thanks so much :*

  8. Thank you so much hun :)

  9. It is a sheer beauty Apoorva! :)

  10. Looks good. Is it a new launch by the company? Have been noticing this phone on too many blogs.

  11. all looks are awesome
    shikha would like you to read…TIPS TO SELECT THE RIGHT SHAPEWEAR

  12. you look so gorgeous! the phone looks interesting!