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How often have eyes been rolled at men and their gadget love! While some just can't understand the passion for these Boy Toys, Xperia T3 joins right in to rekindle the gadget romance that brings all new thrills in every man's life.

Xperia T3  can be defined by its novelty – it is an absolute indulgence. Playing with high-tech toys is something that never changes. The new age men love gadgets because they don’t just make lives easier—they make impossible achievements commonplace. It’s not just about convenience factor anymore; it’s also about having the ‘coolness’ that comes with a  cutting edge design. Xperia T3 is sleek, minimalist and addictive. 

The sleekness of this phone makes it easy to both carry and flaunt. There is a huge difference between fashion and style and the ways they can be incorporated into the real world vary significantly. Just like one’s everyday clothing, the success in being stylish lies in the simplicity and elegance of one’s accessories. The stainless steel body in exquisite white colour seamlessly epitomizes the multi-faceted qualities of a contemporary man!

Crisp white shirts work perfectly by themselves with a pair of jeans and boots or can be dressed up with an unstructured blazer and chino for a more casual look. Staple tees in white, grey and navy offer the most versatility. Furthermore, when looking to integrate accessories into your outfits, stick to the rule of three: i.e. no more than. Sure, play with combinations of pieces, but any more than three accessories and things start to get a little cluttered and messy.

When you’re into technology, it’s tough not to keep up with the latest trends. The sleek new phone is an accessory, an army candy that compliments your machoism. The current crop of stylish gadgets mean that there really is no excuse for a substandard mobile phone and with the help of the trend setter like the Xperia T3 – the future looks even more tasteful and sophisticated.

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