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Shades of red look super beautiful with accents of gold. Go shades of red and gold this festive, wedding season. Today on the blog I am curating some easy peasy nail art designs that you can achieve easily at home by just looking at the deigns. Sometimes you simply need inspiration and that's what I bring to you today...

 I absolutely love this simple nail art done is a darker, maroon shade of red along with gold glitter. All you need to do is file your nails properly and apply a dual coat of your favorite red shade and apply gold glitter nail paint on ring finger. Try to stick glitter to two nails only, as less is more!

Red couldn't have looked any more glamorous than this. A matte nail shade in gold is used with glitter being more subtle to get the perfect look. You can use paint brushes to achieve similar affect on your nails. Isn't it perfect for your festive outfit?

Okay this may not look like deep red colour but it surely comes from the same family. This is a perfect nail art for fall and may look similar to oxblood colour. It's a DIY matte nail shade and you can get all deets from the source link. It's simple, classy and to-die-for. 

For the ones who love florals, well this might just be the nail art you need to sport this season. It's in deep tones of reds and maroons and has a gold nail shade which is basically used for floral design and the golden tips. Looks easy, how about trying it this weekend?

Finally something that looks red, sin't it?? Well this is a simple yet timeless nail art design with a rich red nail paint. All you need to do differently is to create french tips in gold. You can use glitter nail paints, sparkle or anything that you like but hey this will compliment your sarees, anarkalis like nothing else. 

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