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Why You Shouldn't Sleep With Your Makeup On


I admit, there have been times when I have slept with my makeup on due to exhaustion or plain laziness. Even though it's happened once in a while, I must share with all you beautiful readers that sleeping with makeup on can lead to serious skin damage and can have negative effects on your complexion. Read about different damages for different products...

1. Foundation: The thick nature of foundation couple with pollutants and dirt cause can result in the breakdown of collagen. This is understood with highly observable wrinkles and clogged pores which can adversely damage your skin and lead to acne.

2. Primer/Coverup Cream: These are less damaging than foundations but if it is applied all through the day, then bacteria, pollutants can settle down on your skin which can lead to same problems as stated above for foundation. 

3. Lipstick: If you have felt your lips going a shade darker than normal, then blame it on to your lipstick that stays on lips like forever. If you don't take you pigmented lipstick off then it leads to dryness and chapping which can ruin your natural lip colour. Scrub it with natural sugar and honey to maintain the original lip colour. 

4. Mascara: Mascara particles clog the follicles and can lead to swelling of the eyes. If it's let to stay overnight, it can make the lashes brittle and weak, hence resulting in lash fall.

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  1. A very well written article
    Glad i came across your blog :)

  2. Great Tips..I hereby declare I will never sleep with my makeup on. I will take care of my skin. Because its mine and nobudy else's.