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Hair Tutorial: Romantic Wrap Around Side Braid


Hairstyle is always a big problem for girls, who are looking for a different looks everyday. Today's video talks about romantic wrap around braid that you will love to flaunt in the current season.

So, follow the simple steps for creating this hairstyle, Take the section of your fringes and pin them at the back, Comb all the hair and take them on one side, Secure the back of the other side by putting some pins, Take a small section of your hair from center, Make a braid from this section, Loosen your braid, Wrap the braid around the hair and secure with an elastic band and Take out your fringes and let them fall

You can carry this hairstyle while going out for shopping or on a date. Your fashion blogger in India, a.k.a me loves creating such tutorials for you guys. If you have any requests do let me know after all this fashion blog in India better cater to your need :P. You can subscribe to my channel on HERE

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  1. awesome yr
    i like it very much Also it suits on You

  2. such an amazing hairdo......