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Ranbir Kapoor : The New Angry Young Man


Ranbir Kapoor lost his cool on some photographers and video-graphers standing outside his new Silver Sands apartment which he is has rented with Girlfriend Katrina Kaif to get a glimpse of the lovebirds. 

Ranbir got angry when he caught some photographers and video-graphers trying to capture him and Katrina entering their love nest. An angry Ranbir came forward and hurled abuses at the media people. 

Ranbir came charging towards the camera crew but the crew fled leaving their van and equipment. Ranbir found their equipment including the camera person's backpack lying in the channel's car and it all away along with him.  He later asked the driver of the van to call the crew back to which the driver apologized and said that it was his first day at work. Ranbir continuously kept on abusing the crew. 

Miss Guilty thinks Ranbir Kapoor could have reacted a little differently to the situation and handled it in a manner to not have affected his public image. What do you guys think? Comment and let is know!

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  1. Media enter too much into the personal lives of celebrities.