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10 Things That Happen At Every Army Party In India


Nobody knows how to party better than the faujis! While our parties have free flowing alcohol, endless DJ fun & the best chicken tikkas, there are some things that are invariably common at every party at Mess, DSOI, SOI, ASOI, KOI(s) of the world...

1. Every Fauji party serves the best "masala-onion-peanuts" in snacks. It's not like regular peanuts, and has a secret recipe that refuses to change at any given point of time, at any place in India!

2. Ask a fauji what he loves to drink at a party the most and chances are it’ll be RUM and COKE.

3.   Dress code and Fauji parties go hand in hand. At times for our fathers, it also meant changing from a combat to a 6B or a Blue Patrol uniform for a party. ;)

And DAMN he looked handsome each time. 

4. Every party has some young army bachelors asking out girls for DANCING instead of drinking. And yes, it all starts with some great moves after-all!

5. All officers and their better halves pick up on their dancing pace as soon as the DJ plays, "I want to break free" by Queen.

And everyone sings in chorus as soon the lines come, "God Knows...God knows I want to break free"

6. Talking of music, no Fauji party is ever complete without the DJ playing, "Summer of 69" even in 2014. 

7. No matter how cool the occasion of may queen ball, monsoon ball party or New year party may sound like, there's always a DJ who is playing music from the 1990's. 

Tan-tana-tan-tan-tan-tara, chalti gai kya 9 se 12. Nostalgic and embarrassed much?

8. Children in their separate TV rooms get to demand for a film of their choice from their favorite bachelor uncle. 

and how can we forget unlimited servings of snacks, Lays & Coke in this room?

9. And our eyes and plates pop up every-time the TIPSY PUDDING is served. It didn't matter how full you were and IT NEVER WILL! 

10. No one has attended more parties than an ARMY BRAT. Period.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and I sincerely hope that you had a smile after reading the stuff you have been doing all these years, like SERIOUSLY. 

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  1. This is freakin awesome n true!!!!!!

  2. Awesomely true

  3. Great list. Except..... "chalti hai kya 9 se 12" waala song? I don't think we have been going to the same fauji parties LOL

    Also, the DJs are only for DSOIs and AOIs and that too only if some unit band couldnt be prepared at the last minute. And regiments would have the unit band only, and they better be in tune!! LOL

  4. oh boy! this was hilarious and so true! saw this as an army brat and continue to see it now as a fauji wife!!!

  5. Beautiful reading with interesting pics. My heart broke when I had to send away my boys to the T.V. room. I remember, had no choice.Kids were NOT allowed.

  6. yeah ...and one thing missed, time to start the party twenty hundred hours and time to finish the party NEVER

  7. Hey that is one cool blogpost I have read recently. Very interesting to read and gifs are fun too...
    I am glad I landed on your blog.

  8. Wow! Extremely cool and well written blog post! :)