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Review: Philips Essential Care Air Straightener + Giveaway


When it comes to hair care tools, Philips India gets all my applaud and votes. I have been a regular user of the straightening iron, the curling rod and much more but when I was sent Philips Essential Care Air Straightener to review, lest I knew that I would get addicted to it.

The new Philips Essential Care air straightener allows one to achieve naturally straight hair, while providing care to your hair with the Thermo Protect temperature. What I am really trying to say here is that it provides the optimal drying temperature and gives additional protection from overheating the hair. This has officially replaced the hair dryer in my vanity box. The beautiful Paddle straightening brush, attached to the handle, helps in having naturally straight looking hair. So if you are going to compare it to an iron, then no you won't get fine looking hair, it's more like straight and natural style! The speed and heat required can be easily adjusted to create the perfect end result. It's very easy to use and if you are someone who is always running late for work,or college then this could be just the right investment for you. It's simple to use, pocket friendly and comes with an impressive technology :)


So now that you have read my review, here's the good part for you guys! One of my lucky readers stand a chance to win Philips Essential Care Air Straightener signed by super gorgeous, Alia Bhatt. Yes, you read it right! This versatile product can be yours, all you need to do is get creative and tell me 'what is your #PhilipsPerfectHair moment? You can share any hair related story, a complimentyou recieved on your tresses, a haircut that you adore or anything that you like. 

- Share your #PhilipsPerfectHair moment in the comment box below
- Make sure you use the hash-tag #PhilipsPerfectHair
- Let me know you participated on my social channels as well ;)
- And that's it!

The best answer will be selected as the lucky winner and the result will be announced on 20th November 2014. So get started to get frizz free hair this November!  

(p.s. desktop users can participate via disqs (the blog comment form) & mobile users can directly enter via google plus comment form, so in case your mobile entry doesn't show up in desktop view, don't worry, it still is valid and I can access them all, good luck! )

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  1. Hi, Devina i just loved your long hair. here i am sharing with u a very personal incident of mine, My husband saw me from my back and just loved my hair. He instantly told his parents he want to marry me, though we had not met before and neither he had seen me.i still thank my hair for gifting me the most precious gift,a loving and doting husband #PhilipsPerfectHair

    Name Anupama Vijay
    Twitter handle : Anupama75
    instagram : anupama75

  2. Hey Devina, mine is not such a story but an experience (hope that counts ;) See, I have like ultimate curly hair and I tried everything including straightening to get that sleek straight hair and ultimately ended up spoiling my hair too much. As I realized that my curls are the way to go, I started wearing my natural curls and got such great compliments from the ones who have straight hair! So guess what, we always like what others have. Moral of the story: love your #philipsperfecthair and go for the natural look, just the way this amazing product will make them :) Cheers!

  3. hey devina, I see your posts daily on instagram. Seriously u got the best things on your blog according to a girl's need. My #PhilipsPerfectHair moment is when everyone loves my hair...they compliment me...and envy me...for i have such good hair that i can open anytime for a click. And moreover my boyfriend loves my hair a lot..he plays with them. Lol. and i love my hair...and so I would definately like to use the product. i

    Instagram: @agravi.mishra

  4. hiiii Devina! first of all i'd like to tell you that you are extremely pretty and your hair are gorgeous!!! (how i wish i had hair like you but anyways) ok so to begin with my #PhilipsPerfectHair story.... it was a day before my farewell party in school and i wasnt prepared at all! i had no clue what to wear and how to dress up. finally i asked my mom for help and she as a savior helped me (as always) & took me to a parlor to got my hair done. i usually tied my hair in a messy bun or wore a plait. never in a million days wore makeup (girls at school called me 'tomboy') and wore shirts and tshirts! but for my farewell my mom bought me a traditional suit and made me wear it to school. she did my hair and they were actually looking good (i couldn't believe my messy hair can be pretty too). when i walked into the school, all my friends were stunned to see my NEW look! (their reactions were beyond words...i still laugh :D)

    everyone kept staring at me! some junior kids walked towards me and told me that i look pretty today awww that was the first day i actually felt good about myself, about being me.....can never forget that <3

  5. Once upon a time in a far away parallel world, when I was in my teens and did not have a clue what the word "Responsiblities " meant, I had long waist length hair, shiny, bouncy that could be styled in any manner and yet caught attention of millions - no just exaggerating - but at that age those few around seemed liked millions and their "Ooh! Aaah! you are so lucky to have such smooth, silky hair! " meant the world to me! Even my hairdresser felt guilty while just trimming it - Heads turned in the parlour when those one or two inches of perfect dream hair was cut & fell on the floor!

    Now after a few years of reality, with marriage, job, children, in laws, home, travel - the word Responsibility has a new meaning!

    One morning I look in the mirror and OMG where is my crowning glory? Or was it just a dream? Even just oiling and shampooing it seems a huge task. So when I read about this awesome Philips Essential Care Air Straightener, I could actually visualise it is as my knight in shining armour to my hair rescue! And your perfect pictures only proved it to be true!

    Now I just cant stop singing :
    "Philips Essential Care Air Straightener lauta de mere beete hue din!
    Woh Mere Pyaare Crowning Glory Palchhin "

    (winks and floats back into the parallel dream world)

    #PhilipsPerfectHair moment

  6. Hi Devina,

    Thanks for the brilliant and real review of Philips Air Straightener. I truly
    love this giveaway.

    My #PhilipsPerfectHair moment is not just a single moment but a short story. I
    had lovely long tresses during college days. I was in Medical College and was
    often called Dr. Shine; all thanks to my glossy hair. After my first delivery,
    my post pregnancy health and neglect played havoc for my hair. Hairfall,
    greying, split-ends, dryness and what not – I developed all the problems. I
    never used to keep my hair open as they never enhanced my look, rather spoiled
    it. I once felt very bad when my husband said that ‘aapke baalon par to jaise glue
    laga hua hai, apni jagah se hilte hi nahi’ – it had a huge impact on me. That
    day I pledged that I’ll get my lovely long tresses back. It was not easy and
    required a lot of effort including regular spas and home remedies. I made it a
    routine to pamper my hair along with juggling between my profession, family and
    son. After a long gap of 8 months, my husband couldn’t stop himself from
    complementing my hair every now and then. Its almost 5 years now and already
    time to welcome my second bundle of joy in January next year. But I won’t let
    my hair suffer this time and will definitely maintain balance.

    This Philips Air Straightener would prove to be a boon for me as it is time
    saving, convenient to use and makes you a style diva within a few minutes.

    Following you at other social channels too:

    Name: Shruti Kapoor

    Twitter Handle: shrutikapoor4

    Instagram: shrutikapoor.35

  7. i forgot to add my twitter handle oops!

    my twitter is- @gracey_hemmings :) :)

    will mean so much if i win! have a great day xx #PhilipsPerfectHair

  8. Hi Devina

    I just cant stop admiring you for the way you have taken care of your hair because it takes a lot of patience to grow your hair and then keep them perfect almost everyday. Hats off to you for your Patience. Like yours I too have a #PerfectHairStory.

    I remember that I always hated my hair they were so dull n frizzy n the split ends added imperfectness to MY hair. I was frustrated on my hair that I had once even cut my hair to remove the split ends at the bottom of my hair but it turned out to be worse. Whenever I used to watch my other friends hair I used to always wish to have my hair as perfect as theirs. Whenever I watched tv I used always feel envious on watching the actresses hair so perfect no matter what the situation in the film was. I was always advised by my family members about trying out various remedies like putting egg yolk on my hair and stuff but I always had that yucky feeling on hearing about it. I was always embarrassed when people asked me to leave my hair open instead of tying a pony. Till one day one of my cousins was getting married n she wanted me to leave my hair open on the day of her wedding. I was really upset with her statement n didn't wanted to let her down either. Then one day I saw this Philips air straightener ad on the television N Alia Bhatt was looking extremely gorgeous in the advertisement especially after using the straightener. I had discussed my problem with my best friend. The next day on the day of the wedding she informed me that she had bought the same straightener for herself and she would let me use it for the wedding. After using it I couldn't believe it that my hair could look perfect at some point. I cant just stop thinking about the smile on my family s face n especially my cousins as I had fulfilled her wish. Thank you Devina for such an awesome giveaway having this product in my hand would certainly make my day.

    Judith Dayan

  9. Hi Devina, I am following you on FB and my Twitter ID is @smart_vk :)

  10. #PhilipsPerfectHair Moment I'm generally a Sleek Low/High bun girl; that's all I feel comfortable with most times. Therefore when I go appear with Fishtail braid or French braid (My next best preference), OR even nothing but simply straightened open loose hair; I get flooded with Compliments because they suit my oval face & may be because I'm the one who'd always be seen in pyjamas with my headphones casually! I <3 #GuiltyBytes

  11. Hello Devina !!! I am in love with your hair and I really love your posts on how to treat hairfall and many more :) My #PhilipsPerfectHair story is related to my birthday. On my 18th Birthday I was very excited to wear my newly bought peach dress. I had every kind of arrangements to look perfect except for my hairs :( I was really confused and stressed about how will my hair look on my birthday. I just prayed to god for helping out in this and on that day when I properly massaged my hair with oil the night before and then I did my shampoo and conditioner, I was amazed. I got the perfect hair for my birthday. All soft silkly properly managed It didn't even need any kind of heating n all. I was so so happy like I cant express. Everyone who saw me in the whole attire were surprised and I got so many compliments. This was indeed the perfect hair moment for me :)

  12. hello Devina...firstly thanku so much for reviewing the Philips Air Straightner and also for hosting the giveaway.Now my story...Long back my hair was frizzy,wavy,dull and all that which i dint like.i felt very bad and ugly about it.Therefor i got it straightened....and i saw the results in the form of compliments pouring in from friends and relatives.MY #PhilipsPerfectHair moment was when they said,''OMG,Shweta,teri toh puri personality hi badal gayi are looking so beautiful".It elevated my confidence and i loved my hair even more after that.After that i realised that Hair is the true crown of a Princess and i gotta value it and take care of it...Lastly,Devina....your hair is looking awesome it...

  13. Someone has very truly said that if your hair is in place and properly done you can even manage to look good in rags! I had very rough, dry and frizzy hair and quite honestly it made me feel very sad. I had seen some of the people around me getting hair straightening treatment done and I was also excited to give it a try. That decision I made, was a good decision! Only for some time though but I was blessed with beautiful lustrous locks by my hair stylist ;) The reactions and compliments I received made me feel so special :D That was my #PhilipsPerfectHairMoment!

    Hoping to grab some more Perfect Hair Moment with Philips :)

    Thank you!

  14. Hi...first of all thanks for such a beautiful giveaway....<3
    And now... My #PhilipsPerfectHair story....I was always a Tom Boy kind of girl till my early college days.had Bob hair ..never thought I would Have Long tresses like my mom & aunts..I always thought Long hair would be difficult to handle esp when I'm away from home...but then,one day,love of my Life told that
    " You Look like A Serene Angel in your Short Hair but one day I'd Love to See my Beautiful Princess with Long hair ,no I Don't Dream of Rupanzel,But I dream of My DreamGirl with Long hair"
    and yes,that was the day I chose to Opt for Feminine Beauty Traits just like any other Girl.. He never Forced me for this Transition but yes, I Loved Transforming <3 And Today I have Long hair ( hip length) and everyday is a #PhilipsPerfectHair day for Me when I get Compliments from Him ^.^

  15. Sorry ,I forgot to mention , my twitter handle is @smilesforever84

  16. Hi...first of all thanks for such a beautiful giveaway....<3
    And now... My #PhilipsPerfectHair story....I was always a Tom Boy kind of girl till my early college days.had Bob hair ..never thought I would Have Long tresses like my mom & aunts..I always thought Long hair would be difficult to handle esp when I'm away from home...but then,one day,love of my Life told that "you Look like A Serene Angel in ur Short Hair but one day I'd Love to See my Beautiful Princess with Long hair ,no I Don't Dream of Rapunzel,But I dream of My DreamGirl with Long hair" and yes,that was the day I choosed to Opt for Feminine Beauty Traits just like any other Girl.. He never Forced me for this Transition but yes, I Loved Transforming <3 And Today I have Long hair ( hip length) and everyday is a #PhilipsPerfectHair day for Me when I get Compliments from Him ^.^

    My twitter handle is @smilesforever84

  17. Hi there :).....
    well firstly thank you for this amazing contest and frankly this is the first ever contest am taking part in...Just hoping am lucky....
    my #PhilipsPerfectHair story begins when the 1st ever compliment i received for my hair was from my father! I was only 10 years old and had gone to cut my hair short as i used to sweat a lot and fall sick very often. But that day at the salon the hairdresser cut my hair really short and at that very instant i had a stream running down my eyes..My dad, like all other fathers can't see me in tears...EVER!! He doesnt say much and often falters at expressing his feelings but deep down there is unconditional love. Seeing me cry that much, he very firmly and sternly told my mother that no one is to ever touch my hair again without my wish. He said that " her hair and her birthmark on her cheek makes her look like an angel".....and to this day my mother has diligently followed my father's command....:)
    My parents are the happiest to see me in long hair and seeing them happy makes me overjoyed!! :)

  18. My #PhilipsPerfecthair moment is when my husband runs his hands through my hair and says, "They are so smooth, I love your hair".
    I love it when I style my hair and instead of complementing my hard work he complements how lovely hair I have.

    These little moments that bring joy and smile on my hubby's face are perfect moments for me.

    Following you on instagram as well as twitter.
    twitter: @muktajain3008
    instagram: muktajain3008

  19. Dear Devi... First of all thank you so much for such give away's... They excite my soul... Okay Now coming up to my #Philips Perfect Hair Moment- As a child I was blessed with thick hair growth but very fizzy hair full of split ends... Where as on the other hand my two cousins had silky straight hair... Although their hair thickness was zero as compared to mine but I never valued my hair so much... The only thing which I needed the most was straight hair...Being a dull complexioned and fizzy hair kid, my cousins at times became nasty and called me a Negro...Such racist comments were very sad on my part... But the only thing which I wished to change every thing was getting rid of my Bad Hair...!! Then the solution came as- Rebonding... which screwed my hair totally and decreasing my hair thickness and the texture too... Rebonding was a total damage to my hair... Then I tried couple of other therapies- Like Kerashine and stuff but everything is just useless...!! My face looks pretty with straight hair, maybe it's psychological but this is how it is...!! Finally my straight hair look became more evident when my guy complimented me on a straight hair day outing- Hey Gorgeous...!! It made my day... My hunt is still on to get natura; straight hair... I cannot change my genes... I cannot decode the hair therapies... All I need now is this beautiful piece of evident grace which can transform me and henceforth I can discover a new me... Through..."Air Straightener...!!" Signed by Alia and given by my Baby- Devi...!! Love... Cheers...!! Finally a candid confession...!!

  20. totally agreed!!!!! Philips is one the best brand available in india for hair style. i have curly frizzy hair that are most of the time unmanagable,and only with #PhilipsPerfectHair products i am able to get perfect hair style and texture. be it a party or regular college i only trust #philips and it just change my entire look. not only one, i have been getting compliment on daily basis for my hair styled by Philips products. And i use philips hair straightner almost dailyyy!!! SO MY EVERY DAY IS #PhilipsPerfectHair moment!! Thankyou Philips for turning my curly hair to 100% perfect straight hair with your products. Carry on with such innovation with your product:) HUGE FAN.