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ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer Review, Price & Photos


What happens when two award winners come together? Well, the thing that happens is called as magic. Za perfect solution moisturizer is that magic portion which your skin had been longing for all this while. I think I am a Za loyalist already but I have to admit that each product has done great benefits to my skin and I am more than happy to discover this brand in 2014. 

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer Review

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer Review India

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer Review

Back to the review, if you have always complained of oily skin especially during winters and have struggled to find a perfect moisturizer for your skin, then Za perfect solution moisturizer could just be your calling. The texture of lotion is extremely easy to work with and sinks in very well. It feels like a light gel that gets absorbed but it takes a little while for the same. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and takes care of the dry areas around my nose and lips during winters. It re-hydrates the skin to prevent fine lines and roughness caused by dryness. I also use it as a perfect base for my makeup and strongly recommend that you should try it for your makeup as well. The moisturizing gel doesn't feel greasy and is a lot different from regular moisturizers that you generally apply. It has a light smell that isn't overwhelming at any rate. Even thou it claims to firm your skin as it has anti aging formula, I think the Za collagen cream does a great job with that on my skin. One of the things I would really purchase this bottle is for it's deep moisturizing formula. This season, I have replaced my daily BB creams with Za perfect solution and let me tell you, my bare face looks really nourished. 

Size : 125 ml
Price: Rs 1,099
Final Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Za is really coming up in Indian markets, i have tried their toner and d moisturizer, really like em, i also recommend za products.