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5 Benefits of Facial Oils For Indian Skin You Need To Know


Facial oils are aimed to repair the facial skin and despite of so many benefits they have, women are always apprehensive to apply these oils. What may sound and feel like an 'oil' may actually be good for your oily skin, or an acne prone skin! In fact if you have dry skin and find that your moisturizer may not be doing the job for you, then mixing a little plant oil may just be the thing your skin needs. 

Clarins Face Oil
If you are new to the concept of facial oils, then these points may help you to solve your confusions-

1. Even though you apply moisturizer daily, you need to boost your skin with facial oils so that your skin gets hydrated for longest. 
2. Facial oils are incredibly effective at treating a wide range of skin conditions like hyper pigmentation, acne and stretch marks as well. 
3. For oily skin, it helps regulate your natural oil production as it is packed with antioxidants, which are also considered very allergy-resistant.
4. Oils are absorbed quickly, and soften the appearance of fine lines
5. Facial oils are great for skin layering and leads to perfect skin-repairing if applied regularly. 

The Bottom Line: Think of face oils as supporting players rather than the centerpiece of a skin-care routine. You need to add this to your skin care regime to achieve the above listed benefits! So there isn't one best way to apply a face oil on daily basis. You can use these with any serum, or moisturizers. However, avoid sing these with your sunscreen as it can dilute the SPF's effectiveness. 

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