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Scholl - Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Review


Putting your best foot forward is much easier when it’s professionally pedicured! The NEW Scholl Express Pedi gives one effortless feet within 5 minutes. Read my super quick review that will help you extend your beauty routine all the way to your toes. 

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File is an electronic foot file that removes hard skin on the foot very effectively. The device is ergonomically shaped and features 2 x AA batteries which last really long.  I have really enjoyed using Scholl Express Pedi. The foot file exfoliates the foot through a gentle and safe rotating action. It is really interesting to see how dead skin begins to chip off with single application. 

This is by far the most effective tool I have ever used to relieve unsightly, cracked feet. I've used it on dry areas of my feet such as under the big toe and on the heel and it effectively removed most of the dry skin on the surface. I would recommend that you do not use the foot file on the same area for more than 10 seconds as this can make your skin a little more sensitive. It is so much easier and quicker than using ordinary foot files. Once you are done exfoliating your skin, you can wash your feet and apply the skin repairing cream. The foot and nail cream has a thick consistency and hydrates dry, hard skin. It also conditions toe nails and protects your feet from cracking. I end my at-home-quick-pedi routine by slipping into a pair of socks! 

I would recommend this product to everyone and will definitely keep using Scholl Express Pedi in the future! My final rating for this product will be 4/5 stars because of the price. It's available for INR 2,850 and apart from that everything else is top quality!!!

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  1. This sounds like exactly what I need! What a wonderful product.

  2. It would also be great if you can give direct or an hyper link of the product to buy online, because i couldn't find this product in any shop near me.