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A Tête à tête With Designer Pawan Sachdeva + Giveaway


Great designers take things and art slowly to their stride. A handcrafted product, lovingly produced by a master has distinction, individuality and soul- all essential to a feeling of personal luxury. I realized what ace craftsmanship really meant when I met fashion designer, Mr. Pawan Sachdeva.
Pawan is designing true Indian fashion—clean shapes, luxe to its core, wearable and elegant! He strongly believes that money can afford great fashion and that is why designer wear is opted by the ones with a high buying power. His route into fashion design was unorthodox - he started out as a sports lover  but always felt at home in design studios. "When I was young, I had a tailor who would design my clothes, adapt my style only for me," he says.  

While he says men in India are experimenting with fashion, color cues generally take the front seat. he recommends colours like blue, cobalt, black, grey for a more classy look. Pawan's eye for details and unconventional designs in men accessories have emerged as a fashion industry force to be reckoned with. From artful use of colours in pocket squares to royal head gears and well tailor suits, he takes conventional dresses and makes them stand out. 

On being asked about design imaginations VS sales, he quips, "selling is as important as design. I do things for my stratification but I can't isolate masses and demands of the clients." According to him, when it comes to most stylish markets in the country, Delhi tops the list followed by Punjab!

His new collection boasts of the Renaissance period and takes hints from period of Elizabeth times, tales of Shakespeare. What really stands out in the collection is the use of Indian handlooms- cottins, cambrics, laces and silks. 

This ode to the woman who belonged to the classic era included a wardrobe of A line dresses, raised torso line, bolero jackets, kalidaar dresses, puff sleeves, curvaceous silhouettes and more. There is a lushness to his new collection that is at the same time totally wearable. 

Label Pawan Sachdeva for men is built on tailoring, for a woman's wardrobe his designs are more nuanced, however elegant. For the upcoming wedding season, he says, "men should opt for fusion wear and western cuts for a richer look. Less embellishment and more of intricate embroidery should be preferred." He adds, "women must give importance to the fabrics and experiment with colours for their big day." Unlike many designers, he is incredibly humble about what he has achieved. 

We ended our chat with some very inspiring words from Pawan, "fashion isn't about copying someone one. It's about being comfortable and when you are comfortable with your self, you possess confidence that ultimately makes you look fashionable."


Pawan has been very kind to co-host a designer giveaway on the blog as part of my #GuiltyBytesTurns3 series. Two of my beautiful readers stand a chance to win this. monochrome scarf from his label. Just tell us what is your personal style by dropping a comment below :)

The contest ends on 28. Feb. 2015

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  1. #GuiltyBytesTurns3

    My Personal Style is extremely understated. Bling and me are two parallel lines that never intersect ! I prefer Simple Elegance over Heavy embellishments any day. Having said that, I feel the need for one item of clothing/jewellery to be a statement piece in any ensemble.

  2. Hi Devina, lovely article! I need to check out his designs for sure :) As far as personal style is concerned I think I would stick to what Pawan says, it's about being comfortable in your own skin. My style is to look graceful and carry anything with great confidence.

  3. Lovely post Devina! I am so happy that puff sleeves are back in fashion. My personal style is curvaceous silhouettes and I feel no woman looks more beautiful than a woman who embraces her curves, her body! Loved reading the post and I hope I win that gorgeous monochrome scarf. :) #GuiltyBytesTurns3

  4. very well written Devi! I totally love the drape dress with blue jacket for men from Pawan's collection. Such a fresh change. Just wanted to know where is his studio located?

  5. Hey Devina..

    Beautiful post Dear..well coming to my Personal Style

    I need Comfort,I wear things i feel comfortable in, not because they're in vogue. It also depends on my mood and the weather..In description My Personal style is classy and elegant & i pay more attention to accessories,shoes, bags ..


  6. Hi dear

    Lovely post

    HMM coming to my Personal Style

    Sometimes i prefer Casual: T-shirt, jeans and a sports jacket
    and sometimes Classy and elegant.. I pay particular attention to accessories like shoes, belts, bags, and jewelry and more...

    Thanks a lot for such gorgeous Giveaway dear..

  7. Hi Devina,
    Its a wonderful post. I always enjoy reading about designers and their personal choices as those choices truly reflects in their designs and thats what makes them stand out.
    My Personal style is a fusion of trendy and comfortable, depending upon the place I'm at. I love my comfortable casual look but at the same time I never refuse to experiment with trends and designs.
    I'm a plus size girl, who is very much comfortable in her own skin. I can carry a short club wear dress with the same grace as kurta and chudidar. I love the blend of ethnic and western attire in my wardrobe.

    Finally, Would like to congratulate you on the brilliant success of your blog. Keep writing, Keep inspiring. #GuiltyBytesTurns3

  8. Amazing post! I absolutely love his designs! The white lehenga with the embellished metallic jacket totally has my heart!
    My personal style is kind of contemporary yet laidback! I like to keep it simple but love experimenting with colours! Pastels are my favorite !! Not too much of jazz! I am more into the details like embroidery or drapes or cuts! I believe that it's the minute factors that are the most important element in making any outfit stand out! Also, I like to accessorise a lot! I feel the outfit is never complete without the right accessories to complement it!

  9. Hey Devina, Wonderful post... Loved reading it...Pawan Sachdeva is a wonderful designer.I loved the jacket one.

    My personal style is to "Keep it simple, yet stylish" . I first search for comfort in style whether its clothes ,shoes or accessories and than only adapt it.I love stylish flats over heels cos they are comfortable any day.Also,i dont like over the top dressing or " in fashion" dressing. I wear what i like and feel good by wearing it.I do like a bit of style but for me my style mantra is being stylishly simple ;)

  10. Dear Devina,

    For me Creating own personal style is the art of combining an outfit, or an image based on the various aspects of personality and lifestyle.
    Style = Individuality

    So my personal style goes like this:
    I stray away from fussy fashion. My clothes are softly tailored, loose with a bit of structure. I favor the easy and effortless casual look, with my hair being tousled or messy :-)
    I'll buy easy garments with very few details. Value, comfort and functionality is essential. I prefer to wear it in a relaxed way. ie: wearing my casual denim with a white dress shirt.
    So my personal style can quoted as "MINIMALISTIC."

    So ending my answer with favourite fashion quote by Heidi Klum:
    "Wear something you feel gorgeous in and don't try too hard; it's much sexier when it appears effortless. Clothes that don't fit, or don't fit the wearer's personality, don't help."
    (That's so me B-) <3

    Mamta J

  11. Hi Devina! :D

    Congrats again on turning 3, love the contests you're coming up with! :D #GuiltyBytesTurns3
    Totally glued to your blog :D

    So coming to the question.

    My sense of style is sometimes quirky sometimes conventional, totally depends on my mood and the occasion
    I'm a tall girl, so I mostly wear clothes that 'accentuate' my height, or rather bring the height factor into the spotlight :P
    I love Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and a few other Bollywood celebrities' sense of style style, So I mostly take cues from from their outfits and get mine customized according to what would suit me, I'm mostly a person open to experiments but that's only if I'am absolutely sure the outfit would suit!
    After Sonam Kapoor's 'Dhoti Saree' became a fad, I got one customized too and got a lot of compliments for it, because it totally accentuated my height!

    So, to conclude, I believe in comfort but not a the cost of not looking stylish! I also take cues from Bollywood and people around but customize them to suit my own style!

    Thank you for the opportunity, continue to be as amazing as you are!
    Chenar <3

  12. #GuiltyBytesTurns3

    My sense of style is experimental.... I like to try everything.. and dnt like to take the safe and simple option... I enjoy everything... and like to push the envelope. I like to be the rainbow...I love trying all the colors too. I believe accessories make or break the look... i complete the look with right amount of accessories. Weather the accessories are small or chunky...i like to have them statement piece...the design and quality has to be unique.