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PrettySecrets Review & Online Lingerie Haul


So while we all love shopping online, I recently discovered that I can shop for lingerie online too! Sizing and fittings were one of the major concerns, but when you have a website that offers super friendly customer service and follow up's there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Read about my first ever online lingerie haul and review of

PrettySecrets offers a large variety of body wear, inner wear, shapers, cover ups and clothing as well. I never make impulse lingerie purchases but I love how PrettySecrets is a nicely displayed store that spoils you for so many choices. On the website itself, there are so many places to look at that it's hard to decide which section to click on first. Seemingly endless number of styles including extensive selection for the occasion specific lingerie gets a big thumbs up. I love the pop of colours they have to offer and I must admit that the editorially curated styles are super enticing! The lingerie comes packed in a pink colour box. that safely contains all your secret haul. The grey nondescript outer packaging is meant to keep prying eyes at bay.

I am in love with the corset and shape wear essentially! The quality of the product is as good as it claims to be. The corset transforms the body and accentuates your shape and is super comfortable to carry ;)  For bras and inner wears, one of this E-tailer's great features is how you can "shop by style." You can find and sort through styles by clicking on the tab and find your calling. Detailed descriptions that include information about fabric content are posted next to each item. Extensive photos with alternate views will help you make a decision- it's the next best thing to physically trying it on! For brides, this is one website that they need to bookmark. 

Offering women the facility of seamlessly browsing through an exhaustive collection of high quality lingerie, is a one stop shop that caters to every woman's need!  

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  1. Everything looks really beautiful!

  2. Love the photos! I must check out the website now.

  3. Hey Devina, love the feature. Just wanted to check how good is the quality of the products? Also, I love the corset, any recommendations on what type should one opt for with a Large size, that's something I am surely buying from this website.

  4. Good products or Bad products , use it to know

  5. I am a huge fan of online shopping. But, I have never tried buying lingerie online. After reading this post, I might just give it a try. Thanks Devina

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hello
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