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Philips Air Purifier Review, India


While I don't write a lot on everyday living gadgets, Philips Air Purifier is one innovation I couldn't refuse to review. I personally am a big fan of Philips consumer products and I love how it continues to innovate in personal health and well-being category. The Philips Air Purifier is designed to manage the quality of indoor air and because I have seen significant improvement in my mother's health (who by the way happens to be asthmatic), I am eager to share my experience today...

We all know how pivotal is the air that we breathe to our health, but do we actually realize or rather care about the quality of air in a closed space? Honestly, living in a Military cantonment area I was convinced that it happens to be the most clean/green place in Delhi and that the air we breathe is much more pure until I used the Air Purifier.  We installed the Philips Air Purifier AC4072 in my parent's room only to observe some significant changes. The machine comes with an advanced filtration system and 4-step LED indicators showing air quality level. The LED light turned red as soon as we connected the machine which also suggested the high level of air contamination. It took almost 3-4 hours for the LED light to turn purple and then finally blue indicating clean, #PureAir. If I don't talk in technical terms, then the idea of this machine is to empower people to take control of the quality of air they breathe and keep away germs and bacteria that cause air borne diseases.  

According to other international studies indoor air across the world is between 10-30 times more polluted than outdoor air and 80% of the world’s population breathes polluted air that exceeds the WHO prescribed level of Particulate Matter (PM). With my mother being an asthma patient, I have observed the impact Philips Air purifier has made on her health. The air inside her room is pure, she can breathe easy without wheezing and yes she loves to do her yoga while the Air Purifier is turned on. The Air Purifier comes with a unique VitaShield technology that purifers the air through a 4-stage filtration process removing 99.7% airborne particles and let me tell you the light indicators look and feel extremely convincing! 

Product Specification
The machine is sleek and looks stylish! If you have a contemporary setup at home with whites leading the design aesthetics then this machine will blend in with you setup. If you want to provide the purest form of air to your family, children or if you want to combat seasonal flu, air borne diseases then you must use Philips Air Purifier to make a difference to your life!

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  1. looks good! but isn't it too expensive?

  2. the lighting indicators look so interesting! I wonder what colour would it show at my home?

  3. We were so happy to use this product .All thanks to devina.