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Easy Fatfree, Glutenfree Pancake Recipe For Breakfast


The basic pancake is made from milk, eggs, flour, baking powder and vanilla but here I am with a healthy take on the pancakes. I have created gluton free, fluffy pancakes for breakfast. Satiate your sweet cravings with home made pancakes that can be made from scratch in no time.  Cook this recipe a few times and it may become part of your everyday breakfast routine!

You can serve these pancakes with a fruit salad featuring plums, mangoes and top it up with caramel or dark chocolate sauce (completely optional). You can use honey as a healthy alternative. The flour-less pancakes tastes absolutely delish and can be consumed as a healthy breakfast, post work out. Here is a step by step DIY video tutorial from my kitchen. The video tutorial features dried berries as topping, hope you enjoy making these fluffy cakes.

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