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DIY Footwrap using Cling Film + Kitchen Ingredients


Have you ever imagined the beauty uses of a cling film? How about using a sheet of cling film as foot wrap to boost circulation in your foot and to treat fatigue after a long day at work? It's time to try foot wraps to feel relaxed and yes you cal also treat all the scaling of the skin with this super simple, organic foot treatment. 

Soak your feet in some lukewarm water. While your feet soak, create a mixture for your foot massage. Take about 2 table spoon olive oil and add sugar + coffee powder to it. Lastly, add vinegar to the mixture. Sugar will remove dead skin cells and coffee powder will help in boosting circulation. 

Vinegar is used to combat odor. These foot-wraps are super useful and can make your feet look pretty at any time of the day. Watch full video on my YouTube channel or click on the video below:

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