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Review: Tresemme Salon Style Straightener (Free with Tresemme Shampoo)


Professional Straightener free with Shampoo! Isn’t this a sentence which can make every woman jump of her seat and run directly to grab the offer? TRESemm√©’s new ad on T.V., newspapers and radios created a scenario of a similar kind and of course, how could I resist. I picked up a package of the TRESemm√© Hairfall Control Shampoo, the Hairfall Control Conditioner and along with that came little straightener cutely packed which I could not just resist to try. So let’s dig in deep into the professional mini straightener.


The shampoo, conditioner and straightener came in one single pack organised commendably. The straightener came in another box and due to its small size, it could fit in quite well.

Keeping the shampoo aside, the straightener is a size quite tiny and definitely very handy for travelling. Black in colour, the machine has thin tongs which surprisingly work great for curling your hair. The machine does not take too much time to heat but for thick, dense and voluminous hair, it does not work that well and you will have to go over with the straightener for the same set of hair atleast thrice. But upon trying it on a friend’s thin hair, the result was pretty digestible.  The ultimate solution to straighten your front bangs with perfection, this straightener surely doesn’t disappoint.

The price of the entire packaging was approximately INR 500 in which you get a 580ml shampoo bottle which individually costs INR 350 and an 85ml conditioner bottle which retails for INR 85. A dreamy deal, right?

- Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

Disclaimer: Images are not original work of and have been used for reference purpose only.

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