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My Glowing Bridal Skincare Regime With Olay White Radiance


How we treat our skin can make the most significant difference but it’s our everyday skin routine that is most important. No matter where I go, I make sure that I prep my skin with the right kind of skincare products. Being a city girl has it’s own pros and cons! While there are many pros, damage to the skin cells is a really disheartening con. As per a study conducted by Olay, it was revealed that Indian skin is really delicate with a weaker barrier than other skin types in the world. No wonder I feel certain dryness on my skin surface. As a bride to be, I don’t like it when someone tells me that my skin is dull and that’s why I have switched to Olay White Radiance Skincare regime that is taking care of my skin to the fullest. The range claims to penetrate 10 layers deep in the skin to give you a long-lasting glow from within and here’s my experience with the same…

1) Olay White Radiance brightening Foaming Cleanser:

The very first thing that caught my attention was the Olay White Radiance Brightening Foaming Cleanser! I was quite excited to try out this coveted product for it comes with an exclusive whitening active Complex consisting of Vitamin B3, Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Hesperidin that refresh my morning skin like no other. It deep cleanses the skin to remove dirt, oil, make-up and dead skin cells to reveal skin freshness and radiance. It adds a dash of instant glow and sweeps away the last trace of impurities and comes in a 100 gm bottle that is at INR 349.

2) Olay White Radiance Intensive Brightening Serum:

Olay White Radiance Intensive Brightening Serum is guaranteed to give you a gorgeously glowing skin. It is working wonders on my skin ever since I have added it to my otherwise non-existent ‘waking up’ routine. The serum regenerates skin’s surface to recapture healthy looking radiance. The non- greasy formula tackles both surface and hidden whitening issues like spots, darkness and discoloration. The serum contains a high concentration of whitening ingredients with vitamin complex beads that promotes a clear complexion. I apply it once in the morning before applying the moisturizer and once before I call it a day. The 50 ml bottle is priced at INR 1299.

3) Olay White Radiance Moisturiser SPF24 PA++:

Packed with advanced skincare technology featuring an award-winning formulation the Olay White Radiance Moisturiser SPF24 PA++ is one of the best bet for at women in their 20s and 30s living in urban areas, which are exposed to damage by environmental factors, pollution and even sun. Enriched with Olay Whitening Complex with Vitamin B3 & SPF 24/ PA ++, it provides perfect hydration and protects the skin from UV rays. This fast absorbing hydrating formula delivers tone ingredients 10 layers deep into the skin surface, reducing the appearance of dark spots. It is important to hydrate our skin in the morning as it sets us up for skin success for the rest of the day; this is where we need a product that maintains moisture balance for a longer while.
The 1 st use will lead to intense hydration, which will be followed by a righter looking skin. You’ll see the dark spots fading and skin achieving an even tone after using it for 8 weeks. The 50 gms bottle is available for INR 1199.

I have been infatuated by the enormous options in the market basis the advertising and the promises some brands claim but having seen my mum use Olay for years was the driving force for me to get into a new skin care routine. Do give these products a try and yes, I will be sharing my night care routine in the second part of my bridal skin care 

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