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#CelebBeauty: Anushka Sharma’s Beauty Secrets To A Flawless Skin


Anushka Sharma is in the news for her stellar performance in the 300 crore film Sultan. She looks gorgeous in the film and her acting is worth applauding. But we are here to share about her beauty care, Anushka naturally has a beautiful skin tone and with a healthy diet, exercise and good lifestyle she maintains her natural skin tone amazingly. After her recent ad shoot with Nivea, she confessed about her beauty mistakes, her beauty temptation and of course the secret behind her remarkable complexion. Read about the secret behind her incredible skin might help you with your skincare regime.

Water her beauty secret:
Anushka swears by drinking loads of water for a flawless skin, she recommends everyone to drink plenty of water, which will hydrate the skin and keep it supple throughout the day. Along with water she even relies upon healthy diet for a flawless complexion. This is the secret of her smooth complexion, isn't it quite easy to follow?

Sunscreen and moisturizer are go-to products:
Guess these are the favorite beauty products of every celebrity. Anushka is very particular about wearing sunscreen and loves moisturizer that keeps her skin baby soft during the long hours of shoots.

Beauty confession:
Anushka has a thing for mascara even though she hardly uses mascara she keeps buying them and regularly ends up discarding her mascaras because they dry out. Interesting to know that she loves mascaras!

Beauty regret:
This is probably unusual regret, but Aarfa of Sultan regrets threading her eyebrows. She wishes someone had stopped her from shaping her eyebrows thin and it's been awhile since she has shaped them. Is it possible to be without shaping?

Disliked beauty trend:
Anushka has a list of beauty trends that turns her off, but the most disliked in her list was frosted lipsticks. She calls them the ugly trend.

One beauty advice:
Always remove your makeup before your beauty sleep. Now this is an important step and we believe every makeup junkie follows this sincerely. No matter how lazy you never ever sleep with your makeup, it breeds bacteria and damages your skin.

So girls now that you know the secret behind Anushka Sharma’s buttery soft skin, we recommend you to drink loads of water, moisturize and eat the right food.


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