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9 Beauty Myths That Are Actually True


It is natural for all of us to follow a beauty trend that is popular all over the world. And if the trend is effective, then it becomes a beauty bible for everyone. However, there are trends which are believed to be beauty myths and often ignored because it sounds absurd and is bizarre to try. But did you know there are plenty of beauty myths that actually are effective and not just fables? We are sure you would have heard all about the listed beauty myths and never thought it could be true. In fact, they are true and can be followed. These beauty myths are followed by many beauty moguls across the world and they swear by it. Read on to decode the truth of the beauty myths.

1. Beer can give you voluminous hair:
Now this can be a shock to many of you, but the beer shampoos that you see in the market are actually effective. Beers have barely and hops that are rich in proteins, vitamins that make the hair voluminous, stronger and glossy. Also, the alcohol acts as an excellent cleansing agent that removes the dirt, impurities and greasy look of your hair. If you had a premonition that beer shampoos wouldn't be effective, do wash your hair with beer shampoo, we bet your hair would turn softer after one wash.

2. Conditioner as  hair cleanser:
Were you suggested to use conditioner as shampoo? And did you have a laugh hearing it? Then girls you can definitely use conditioner as your shampoo as it is infused with surfactants which are present in shampoo and it helps in hair cleansing. The only issue with this is that it has only mild cleansing properties and it is recommended for girls with frizzy, dry hair. But if you have oily scalp with this trick might not be of any help.  

3. You can have hair fall due to tight ponytails and buns:
Love sleek ponytails, buns that are fuss free and easy to maintain? But did you know any hairstyle that pulls your hair can lead to hair fall? Tight ponytails can affect the hair roots and recede the hairline, and if you notice thin hairline on your crown area then tight ponytails are to be blamed. You can avoid this hairstyle on a regular basis and go for a loose pony or messy braids.

4. Mascara have a shelf life of 3 months:
Now we are sure many of you actually continue using mascara even after 3 months, but it can actually cause trouble to your eye. Mascara is breeding homes for bacteria and it can easily cause eye infections. So no matter how much you love your dramatic mascara you have to discard it after 3 months.

5. Toothpaste reduces pimples:
In our toothpaste hack post, we told you how toothpaste has ingredients that can ease pimple bumps overnight. It has antibacterial properties that can kill the germs and even give a relief from the acne redness. Next time you get a pimple, cover it with a pea sized toothpaste and notice the change.

6. Hairsprays can be used as makeup setting spray:
Are you running out of makeup setting spray? Then try this trick- use a small amount of hairspray as your makeup setting spray. We bet it will keep your makeup in tact throughout the day. However, the chemicals in the hairspray can damage your skin, which is why we ask you to use only a bit of it. It would be best if you avoid using it regularly.

7. Rubbing your eyes can cause wrinkles:
This is totally true girls, don't rub your eyes vigorously it can bring crow's feet and other signs of aging. The skin around your eyes are delicate and when you rub it constantly you are inviting wrinkles. Instead, you can use a cold compressor and relax your eyes.

8. Nail filer should be used in one direction:
If you are using your nail filer as an axe, it is time to stop doing that. When you file your nail in back and forth motion it can weaken your nails turning them brittle. So the best way to overcome this problem is using your nail filer in one direction, it will protect your nails from chipping or breaking.

9. Store your perfume in the fridge:
If you reside in a hot, humid place, then it is best to store your favorite perfume in the fridge. Even though perfumes can last for years, the chemicals infused in the fragrance can rot and reduce the shelf life of your perfume. Avoid the exposure to sunlight and store in a cool place like the refrigerator and your perfume would last for several years.

Do you have any more beauty myth in your mind? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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