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5 Ways To Beat Those Wedding Day Jitters


Keep calm! And go on..

As the big day is approaching for which we have waited so long, the nervousness increases and sometimes makes us want to run away from everything. The cold feet, shaky hands and a million thoughts in mind, well, it’s a major sign of wedding day jitters and nothing else (so, relax). It is the most important decision of your life that will change everything from your name to your room and getting a little panicked is acceptable. The fast approaching day increases that little butterfly dance in your stomach, and getting anxious is just inevitable.

Well, but don’t let the anxiety ruin your happiness (because the day doesn’t come again and again). The #wedstreetstyle team tells you ways in which you can combat those pre-wedding jitters.

We are going to live together forever (what?)

Though, it is funny but this is one of the most common pre-wedding thought mostly all of us feel. A person for life and beyond (who knows) gives us the jitters. We had never shared a room or if had there were rules that were sorted beforehand. However, spending your whole life with one person, sharing every little emotion from days of anger to your stupid laugh on almost anything everything makes us little scared.

Tip- Relax, think of it as you are going to have companion, a best friend with whom you can share your every little emotion, who can make you calm in extreme situations, who will be there when everyone else leaves and who will be there to share your messy room together.

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You can’t handle yourself, how will you handle him?

Another thought that often pops in our mind, how we will handle each other, because a day before you are being pampered by all your family and friend, taken care of like a small baby. And a day later you will have to take care of yourself and someone else, too.
Tip- Eventually you will handle everything slowly and gradually. So for now, don’t think about the future and concentrate on your wedding lehenga.

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Don’t want to leave your family?

The thought of leaving your mom and dad makes you cry, you don’t want to leave them so soon, and everything seems like going in a fast forward mode. It’s ok, everyone goes through that phase, the earlier nosy parents suddenly becomes love of our life.

Tip- Spent as much time as you can with your family, go a pre-honeymoon kind of little vacations with your mom and dad. Make them feel special too and we bet you will feel more loved and the thought of going away will vanish.

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Confused? Talk to experts

If you are having lots of doubts and thoughts, then the best way to combat it all is talk to an expert, someone who had recently married. Discuss with them, no matter how stupid your thoughts are just let them know. They will guide you and also the one advice they will give is let it all go (the negative thoughts of course).

Tip- No need of shying away in discussing your thoughts and doubts, because it’s always better to get an advice from a person who had already gone through it all.

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Stay in touch with your love

Another best way to beat those wedding day jitters is talking to your fiancĂ©. In those small or long talks you can discuss your feelings and emotions. And we are sure he will understand because love knows what love feels. 

Tip- Go on little outings together or a lunch date, you can also plan a pre-wedding photo shoot. This way you will know him better.

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Tell us your pre-wedding jitters, in the comments below?

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