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3 Ways to Use Green Tea For Your Skin This Season!


No matter how many flavours and brands of green tea you have tried, you can’t just replace it for your coffee. Even though green tea is super –healthy for your body and its metabolism, but sometimes you just can’t and we completely understand that. But, if that is making you throw it away, hold on because a bag of green tea is a miraculous one.It is highly advisable to inculcate green tea not only in your diet but also your beauty and skin acre regime and here are three tried and tested ways of how you can do the same to achieve healthy looking skin.

1. Drink it with a twist:
Who says you have to take what companies provide? Opt for organic, unflavoured green tea dried leaves and customise it according to your taste-buds. Add cinnamon, ginger, lemon, honey or all the four for a taste which you can savour and at the same time relax your body and skin.

2. Green Tea Scrub:
If you are hunting for a chemical- free scrub, just dig into your kitchen and take out two green tea bags. Boil them in water and add brown/white sugar to it. You can scrub your face with this green tea scrub twice a week, rinse it off with cold water and pat dry for face for smooth, supple skin free of all dead skin cells.

3. Green Tea Bags for Dark-circles and Puffiness:
Many of you might have heard this before but are unaware of how these bags are actually used for most effective results. These bags need not be fresh rather should be preferably used. Once you dip a tea-bag in your cup, drink your tea and do not throw away the bag. Put it in the refrigerator for about a day and then place it on your puffed eyes and dark circles. Repeat the same for about 15
days regularly and voila! You will have young, fresh and stress-free eyes once again.

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