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Review: Spawake Moisturising Fairness Cream For Day


How we treat our skin throughout the day can make the most significant difference. But it’s our morning routine that is most important. In the morning hours, I love prepping my skin for the day ahead and I am so excited to share a magical product by Spawake. Spawake has recently been launched in Delhi by a Japanese Cosmetic Company KOSÉ that is taking care of my skin to the fullest. Spawake, the day time daily moisturiser is guaranteed to give you gorgeously glowing skin.

About The Product
It can take some time to find what skin care ingredients work best, but once you find the perfect daily wear product, it is easy to get a great skin. While the skin we have right now may look supple and serene, but if we don’t start caring for it now, it’s going to be all downhill from here. Here is when I talk about a.m. skincare. Spawake Moisturising Fairness Cream for Day is one of the best bet for at women in their 20s and 30s living in urban areas, which are exposed to damage by environmental factors, pollution and even sun.  Enriched with sea salt, seaweed, vitamin E& SPF 25/ PA ++, it provides perfect hydration and protects the skin from UV rays. It is very important to ensure that we hydrate our skin in the morning as it sets us up for skin success for the rest of the day; this is where we need a product that replenishes skin with sea minerals and maintains moisture balance fora longer while.

Added Advantage:
Spawake Moisturising Fairness Cream for Day recharges skin cells and comes with ingredients such as Laminaria Japonica (seaweed) that is super rich in hydration and locks the skin moisture and Maris Sal (sea salt) that has anti-inflammatory properties. 
I always prefer something that gives my face just enough moisture without feeling oily or greasy and maybe that’s why Spawake is now part of my daily regime. It provides all round protection, because apart from nourishment benefits of Vitamin E, it has seaweed and sea salt. Seaweed is particularly my favorite because it wraps the moisture in your skin for a very long time and I think because of which you won’t have to apply the cream again and your skin feels soft for a very long time and it also has SPF 25/ PA++!

Its SPF 25/ PA++ protects from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, pollution and other environmental stress.

How to Use:
Best way to moisturise is to apply moisturiser on to your cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck. Starting at your cheeks, gently massage your moisturiser into your skin in small, circular motions till it is fully absorbed. A tiny bit of Spawake moisturiser effectively hydrates the face and skin.

50 gms jar of Spawake Moisturising Fairness Cream for Day is priced at ₹249 and smaller pack of 25 gms for ₹129 and is available on Myntra and NewU.

Final Rating

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  1. Hey which one would you recommend better? Za daily day time moisturizer or Spawake?

  2. you look beautiful. whats the glow all about?

  3. Hey Devina, is the moisturizer for all skin types? I have a dry skin and was wondering is it will supply the required oils and nourish it?