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VIDEO: #ThePowerOfMakeup Indian Edition + GIVEAWAY


I had been MIA on my YouTube channel but guess what, I am back with a bang! Women who wear makeup have often been subjected to unnecessary comments, questions and remarks time and again. I love it when people around me compliment me for my makeup (eyes, lips colour, base, blush on) and let me tell you, I feel this sense of pride from within whenever that happens. This no where means that I don't advocate #nomakeup look, in fact most of times when I am not shooting and attending events, I simply adorn kajal and a lip stainer to kickstart my day. Make up is not a lousy way to hide your skin or your flaws because you are insecure, it instead is a form of self-expression. Make-up is an art form and fun to experiment with. Here's my take on the movement #ThePowerOfMakeup and a giveaway for you guys.

Here's my take on #ThePowerOfMakeup. Like. Comment. Subscribe.

The make-up I wear is an extension of myself, just as the new clothes I shopped for, or like baking cakes because it my favorite hobby and writing and shooting for my blog posts.

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  1. Thank a ton for coming up with such an amazing Giveaway !!!
    I would like to win this because I love doing makeup and I can honestly say that the only person I put on makeup for is myself. When I have makeup on, I feel good. I don’t feel ugly without it, but it gives me that extra confident boost that you need once in a while. Makeup is an art. With all of the different colors, textures and tools involved, playing around with makeup can simply be seen as a fun thing to do. If you mess up, all you have to do is wash it off and start over. It is also a way to be expressive. When I see a woman with dramatic plum shadow, high-blushed cheekbones, and nude glossy lips, I can immediately sense a way in which she expresses herself. Makeup says things about a woman they usually do not say on their own. I wear it as a form of creativity and expression.
    Once again thank you so much for coming up with such an awesome Giveaway. I really wish to win this.
    Lots of love <3 :*
    Twitter- @livelycute
    Gmail- Ruby Yadav

  2. Devina, great video. you are a natural. :)
    you are right, make up is misjudged as a flaw hiding approach when it can be so much more. Like most normal working woman, i have flawed skin and i also use make up. But i don't do so hide anything but to accentuate all the good things i like- my eyes and my lip shape. i like them so i make them look prettier.
    We often comment that such and such, bride or someone had too much make up. some comment so because they judge, some say its uncomfortable, some say its too much to carry on. we may not be able to stop the comments from coming but we must stop justifying it. "i think she had too much make up on"- I think you should mind your own business! hahahaha...
    more power to you and everyone who enjoys make up. if we can buy clothes that make us look good then why cant we buy make up?

  3. Wow great video! Can u name ur li gloss brand and shade :)