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An Army Daughter's Reply To Mr. Chetan Bhagat For His Article- 'It’s time to analyze OROP with our head, not our heart'


Mr. Chetan Bhagat, the famous author and writer recently wrote an article for The Times of India titled- It’s time to analyze OROP with our head, not our heart and summed it up very conveniently saying, that he like many other Indians love the mighty Indian Army but it is time that the many other Indians including him should think about the issues related to the OROP with our head. Well, being a proud ARMY brat I came across this post on Facebook that was addressed to Mr. Bhagat, that by the way also captured my anguish and feelings like no other article/verse/letter ever. Here, Mr. Bhagat, I hope you read this letter written to you by Namrata Lawas a reply to your yet another masala fiction/article and supported by the Army Fraternity across the country. 

"Mr. Chetan Bhagat, I totally agree with your article!! Why give these old men who have retired any pension? What a drain on the national economy!! What a drain on a country with limited resources? Why not hire new people instead? 

When the Defence forces fight a war, they are USED to protect you! When the war is over, they should be THROWN away. I like your use and throw policy!! Why should v worry about these old people who are of no use to us now? They cannot defend our country now. Why should they be given more? Let's give them the bare minimum!!

If they die protecting the country with limited resources, too bad for them!! They asked for it. They knew what getting into the Armed Forces meant.
Why can't v get new people into the forces? I agree, get young blood and throw them when the blood is old.

You write about OROP with a lot of conviction and supposed knowledge. Just because you have written a few books, does it give you the right to comment on everything? I would love to hear your comments on Lance Naik Goswami or Lance Naik Hemraj. I am not undermining the other gallant heroes. But I am just giving you two examples for you to do a net search on.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion. So are you. But you should have also written an article for some people who laid down their life for your country with limited resources. Did those parents or wives or children have unlimited resources? 

These old people should be rehired in jobs useful to the economy!! Well, absolutely!! Do you consider your job useful to the economy? If yes, how many of these old blood have you hired? If no,..... You have a lot to think about.!!!

Mr. Bhagat, I loved reading your books. I loved watching the movies. I respected you. But now, it is in the past. I would have continued respecting you inspire of your article if you had shown some dignity. As a daughter of an Army Officer, I will pretend you do not exist."

Original letter here. Images source Twitter. You can also Read Mr. Chetan Bhagat's article here. 

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  1. That was awesome...respect lady...well done.

  2. Mr Chetan Bhagat thinks he's grown wiser enough now to delve in economics of country, not realizing it's more of parity, respect and sustainment of families that our soldiers are seeking for. Yes it'll cost something but nowhere costlier than lives they risk for us. If soldiers' lives don't matter in this country and they don't deserve an equal pension, why not Mr Bhagat did you question the ethics behind OROP for bureaucrats, politicians, etc (their pension is productive in your wisdom)? I'll pretend he doesn't exist for me either.

  3. Very well slapped..... mr. Bhagat u r sitting at home and writing articles becoz there are people who r defending our borders living in the death shadow. But leave it...ur head is not that broad to go into the situations that we(defence forces) face. But dont worry people like u won't let our patriotism n loyalty goes down...enjoy with ur family "WE ARE HERE TO PROTECT YOU"

  4. Very well slapped..... mr. Bhagat u r sitting at home and writing articles becoz there are people who r defending our borders living in the death shadow. But leave it...ur head is not that broad to go into the situations that we(defence forces) face. But dont worry people like u won't let our patriotism n loyalty goes down...enjoy with ur family "WE ARE HERE TO PROTECT YOU"

  5. CHETAN BHAGAT IS A SCHMUCK - So even Chetan Bhagat has an opinion on OROP and expectantly quite inaccurate and misplaced. I managed to waste sometime reading the "highly generic" article that has zero substance and is quite reflective of his complete ignorance. At best a desperate attempt to stay in light. Chetan I am sure you've heard of "Opinions are like assholes - everyone has one". Save your plagiarizing for fictional work ... armed forces are far too complex for people of your intellect. Merely because your Army father chose National service over you, it does NOT bestow a paternal claim for defense bashing. Your father was an intelligent man, he sensed that his son was "worthless" pretty early and hence chose to serve his country & get rid of U. SHAME ON YOU.

  6. "HATS OFF" to You for an apt rebuttal...Thanks!

  7. I feel for CB. He has asked some very innocuous questions with simple answers. They are :
    1. Should we still say ‘give them whatever they want because they guard our borders’
    2. These funds are given out with no output obtained in return.
    3. To pay the veterans more, or to pay new hires in the Army more?
    4. To pay the officers more or the jawans more?
    5. Should more money be spent on pensions, or more hospitals for veterans?
    6.Should war-affected veteran families be paid differently from those who retired safe and sound?
    7.Can veterans be re-hired in certain jobs useful to the economy?
    Why not for our paramilitary and police?


    1. First ques is wrongly framed...its not whatever they want, its should we not give them atleast equal to their civ govt counterparts...

      Secondly, I will answer ur ques by a ques...what about railways going in loss..and so many other govt departments...with no output..why r we not closing them down, in a poor country why cant 200 poor families reside in president house. can not fool people today, I mean u can not trap them, its not about pay its about status.

      Fourthly u can pay more to jawans than officers, the day you start paying more to a police constable more than DGP and a clerk more than Cabinet Secretary.

      FIFTHLY, ex servicemen are already paying for their medical expenses through ECHS. And why do you want misguide every one by diverting the issue, give them what is their right...authorised by parliament and sc, don't try to decide on their behalf.

      Sixthly, your ques shows your shallow thinking....those who retire safe have equally sacrificed their youth and blood for the nation..may be they killed the enemy, but I like your idea...families of those who sacrificed their lives should be paid a mark of rsepect..than what is paid to a cabinet Secretary.

      Seventhly, you can rehire ex Servicemen for economy like Chairman of various boards and commissions like civ servents.

      Eighty, You your self said its a drain of national economy, but now you want for others also, so basically what do you want.....I m not against it......and if someone feels its to much to armed forces...we are ready to change roles at same take our pay and other privileges and we will take yours.......lets see how many takers...


  8. So called Mr. Chetan Bhagat this matter is far away from your romantic novels so go waste time on your next novel . We army brats are no fools , we have seen our parents lives serving in army , giving almost 25-30 years of service and even then if government fails to give them this much SHAME SHAME SHAME . i thought you were just a writer until i found u on some dance reality show :) grow up , talk sense , do sense and next time apply some of your brain before posting your articles because it's hurting everyone around here :) anyways u can continue with the next season of your dance show :P ahhahahahahaahahaa shamless creature