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3 Ways You Can Use Sugar In Your Beauty Routine


Eating sugar may not always be the best bet and I am sure you have been told many times to keep away from it but wait, what if you were to eat less sugar and still get all the beauty benefits from it? When sugar is formulated into beauty products and spa sessions, it has the ability to treat your skin very well. Here are two ways you can up your beauty game using granulated sugar!

#1 Hair Removal
I don't know how many of you have tried this or no, but sugaring helps you get rid of unwanted hair. To make this work, you need granulated sugar and add it to a sticky mix of coffee and olive oil or lemon juice. You need to rub the mix to your specific ares (bikini line) and once you start doing this regularly, you will see hair reduction and hair getting peeled off from your skin.

#2 Lip Exfoliators
Love luscious lips? Tired of lips getting darkened? Well mix a little bit of honey to granulated sugar and gently rub the mix to your lips before you apply a lipstick or a lip balm. You will see your lips become more pink ang fresh. Go try the trick right now!!!!

#3 Body Scrubs 
Sugar does not have a very soft feel and can be used to exfoliate the skin really well. The sugar body scrub will gently sweep off the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Use it before a bath or use it in your at home spa session and you'll see your skin glow.

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