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Indian Air Force will have its first women Fighter pilots by 2017


The Ministry of Defence created history and has approved the induction of women into the Fighter/Combat Stream of the Indian Air Force. In seven months, the first batch of Indian women will begin to train as fighter pilots of the Indian Air Force and will be in the cockpits of frontline fighter jets.

In another year following that, with the Ministry of Defence giving its nod for their induction in combat roles. "Ministry of Defence Approves induction of women into the Fighter (Combat) Stream," ministry spokesperson Sitanshu Kar said in a tweet today and added that first women fighter pilots would be selected from the batch presently undergoing training at the Air Force Academy. 

Earlier on 83rd Air Force Day, Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha had announced that women would soon be inducted as fighter pilots, making IAF the first of the three services to have women in active front-line combat roles. 

All we can say is BRAVO to the IAF that has once again proved that sky is not the limit. Read original article here

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