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Shahid Kapoor Opens Up On Life After Wedding, Mira And More


Shahid loves his baby wife and we all know that. But it is interesting to see him express his feelings out in open about Mira. Here are some super adorable things he shared about his wife, wedding, family and films.

1. Marriage Makes One Responsible: 
"I'm in a very happy space. It's a new beginning. Everything changes after marriage. The sense of freedom has now turned into a sense of responsibility. Even when I am deciding on a film, I feel, "If it goes wrong, it won't just impact me; it will affect my home and my wife as well".

2. Not Having A Celeb Wife Makes Home More Special
I love the fact that I go back home to a normal person and who sometimes tell me, 'I m not interested in what's happening in your industry. Let's discuss what we are doing for lunch tomorrow or where are we going".

3. Mira Makes Shahid A Better Person: 
Mira and I communicate very well. That's one of the strongest qualities about us. "She makes me want to be a better person" and that shows that she is really is a good person.

4. When Are They Becoming Parents?
It's too early to think about that. right? Shahid quoted,"It's only been three months, there's time for that, we will think about it later". 

We love the way how Shahid expressed his feelings about his wife and how much they are in love with each other. Serious shaadi goals yaaaa!

- Interview compiled from Akriti for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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