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10 Things You'll Totally Relate To If You Went To Army Public School!


Being a TAPSITE is a way of life just like our Army! If you are an Army brat and you went to APS, or if you ever had a chance to attend my school, APS then you will totally agree with my today's post! Growing up in a Army school is an experience in itself. There is a bit of APS in each one of us and here are some things you will definitely relate to if you went to APS...

1. Your 'first day in school' is never really a first experience which becomes pretty epic over time if you have studied in Army School(s). 

2. This is what your 6 am bus rides looked like. I have been in a Shaktiman which was later upgraded to a Stallion and then well, an OG bus!

3. At APS, you are either a good sports person or bad sports person but there is no way you can get away without playing sports in tournaments or your P.H.E periods.

4. Being born and brought up in an Army school environment, you realise that being an introvert is just not your thing! You can quickly connect with fauji kids around you and most of your conversations at school start with- "When we were posted there."

5. Joining the school Basket ball team that was preparing for a command level tournament was just another way to bunk classes without worrying about getting caught.

6. Inter house march past was just another day to show "house" spirit considering you never knew how to march properly in a group! 

7. Of course you wanted to be part of the Teachers’ Day programme! After-all it was your chance to to wear casuals and get noticed, errr by your seniors! 

8. It was only in APS when you saw the "Army" side of the school during an inspection. The brats went from being all chaotic to the most shiniest looking kids with the widest smile that day! (even if the smile wasn't genuine, it was there every time the inspection officer uncle walked into the class) 

9.  Pulling the famous APS ties and messing up the knots after inspection used to be so common and yet so funny back then!

10. And it is only in APS that you make eternal friends for life, all over India.

This is the life of a TAPSITE, full of new journeys, possibilities and adventure, we live it all!

All gifs via Bollypop

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