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4 DIY tips to get rid of Dark Lips At Home this Wedding Season


A pair of rosy pink lips is all what a woman needs especially at the time of weddings, occasions and festivities. Where dark and pigmented lips look unappealing, they can, in no time steal your charm. Be it due to chemicals in lipsticks or lack of moisturization, dark lips need to be treated.

I'm sure you ladies having pigmented lips must have tried out a couple of balms and other treatments filled with chemicals which do more harm than good. But, nothing can treat dark lips the way ingredients from your own kitchen can. Here are a few ways in which you can get rid of the darkness of your lips in a very natural and cost-effective manner.

1. Add few drops of pure olive oil to a bowl and add the same amount of honey to it. Use this mixture as a lip balm and avoid eating or drinking while it's freshly applied to help it work its way into your lips better.
2. Use lemon juice on your lips every alternate day. You could also add a pinch of turmeric to the juice and let it rest on your lips for 15 minutes.

3. Make a lip scrub at home by adding some brown sugar and olive oil and exfoliate your lips with this scrub every twice a week to keep dead skin cells which cause darkness at bay.

4. You could also use a soft toothbrush every night over your lips to increase the circulation of blood and remove the dead cells. Make sure to moisturize your lips with a petroleum jelly or any other balm after this process.
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