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5 Ways to keep oil at Bay in the Festive Season


A shiny nose, forehead and chin is all because the hyper active oil glands we have. After every 15 minutes of washing the face, they tend to wake up and spoil the matte finish of the foundation as well give the face an unwanted dull and pale look.

Since its practically impossible to keep washing or wiping it off every time, here are some tried and tested tips which can help conceal the unwanted shine and keep your face mattified the entire day.

1. Which ever facial cleanser you use, make sure it is suitable for oily skin. For instance, the Neutrogena Oil Control Acne wash is quite effective in taming your oil glands.


2. Never say never to moisturizer. If you think a moisturizer will make your skin more oily, you're probably using the wrong product. Opt for a mattifying one which keeps the oil in control making your skin moisturized and healthy.

3. A primer is your best friend as nothing can help keep oil at a distance the way a good primer can. The L'oreal Base Magique Primer is the one you can swear by.

4. While dining out, eat wisely. Excessively oily and spicy foods can also trigger your oil glands which you have been trying to control with all those expensive products.


5. If you feel your face is getting oily as the day passes, do not wipe it as wiping will also remove your makeup along. Always use a blotting paper to absorb the excess oil and leave your face looking dry.


6. Especially during summers, always carry a face mist in your bag. The Za Hyderating face mist does a pretty good job in making your skin look fresh and also removing the excess oil with just 4-5 sprays.

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