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4 Quick Hairstyles to Fix a Bad Hair Day


You wake up late for office and you realize that you're hair is in a big mess. May be due to an excessively oily scalp or just what your pillow did to your strands overnight, such hair is very difficult to tame in such little time. Especially with the wedding season and festivities around the corner, undone hair is a big no no.

But the good news is that you can make any bad hair day good with the help of these super quick and super easy up-do's.

1. Make a fish wish
Fish-tail braids look super chic on Indian beauties, especially for the festive season perfectly complementing Indian and western attires. You can simply flatten your hair so that it looks even and not greasy and braid fish-style towards one side. 

Quick tip- Use shimmer bobby pins to keep the hair in place and accentuate the look side-by-side.


 2. Bangs with a twist
Usually, it's the front bangs which tend to get oily quickly. To make them look just washed, lightly tease the bangs with a teasing comb and start to twist it till the back of your ear. Once done, secure it with bobby pins and lightly loosen them up to give it a more relaxed look.

Quick Tip- You could substitute braiding with twisting as it looks very feminine. 


3. Top Knot
A bun on the top can be a life-savor for oily tresses. No backcombing, no lifts! Tightly grip your hair a little below the crown and make sure there are no bumps or overlapping. Secure it with a hair-tie and twist the hair to form a bun. This look can be worn to work or weddings.

Quick Tip- People having a broader frame could also skip the bun and just let the hair loose in a ponytail. 


4.  Side-Swept Ponytail
Perfect for office wear, a side swept ponytail can look formal and glamorous. Make a loose ponytail and make a loop right above the hair-tie. Now, let the entire ponytail cross that loop, tighten it and you're done. 

Quick Tip- You can repeat the same step several times to give it a braided pony look. 


Also check out this video to save your grace!

- Image Source Shreiya for @Team GuiltyBytes

Disclaimer: Images are not original work of

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