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4 Versatile Separates For Indian Women Feat. Anu P.D + GIVEAWAY


I strongly believe that great designers take things and art slowly to their stride. A handcrafted, versatile product has distinction, individuality and soul associated with it. Ace designing and craftsmanship can really change a usual garment to very glamorous and unconventional looking outfit. In today's post I bring to you a festive/ wedding season collaboration that also happen to be one of my favorite so far. Designer Anu P.D.'s #VersatileGarments make for perfect outfit and here's how I styled 4 different pieces from her collection. 

1. Styling a Saree with a Mauve Holster Accessory

This breezy light separate with playful silhouettes make for perfect saree accessory! A periodic decor element is seen on belt and it can be used on the either side of your saree pallu. This tailored separate can be used with a more formal looking saree or a solid coloured saree and yes, you can so skip wearing heavy duty jewels with your outfit then! 

2. Handcrafted collar with a western gown  

This was my unorthodox fairy-tale moment where in I styled a beautiful collar separate with my low neckline, blue gown. I was never sure as to how to pull off a collar till I saw this piece at Anu's design studio. Beautifully embellished with intricate design, this is a boho girl's dream accessory. Whether it's a sangeet party or a cocktail evening, one can pair this piece with any outfit for that perfect glam quotient.    

3. Front cowl accessory with a saree pant style

Now styling a saree pant can be super effortless if you have a statement blouse or a choli that does most of the fashion talking for you.  This cowl accessory is so versatile that it can be worn as a blouse or can be simply used to layer a kurta or a dress this festive season. This is the time to go mute on embellishments and to give importance to the fabrics and silhouettes that compliment your body type. 

4. One hang sleeve accessory with a suit

A wedding dress is about self-expression and that is why I think a simplest of the outfit can make you feel beautiful if it has been accessorized well. Cocktail evenings have become such a rage today and I for one can only think of the color "black" for an outfit. I have styled my all black outfit with a one hang sleeve accessory that comes with a perfect hint of glitter and glamour. 


Anu has been very kind to co-host a designer giveaway on the blog this festive season. One of my beautiful reader stands a chance to win a beautiful piece from her label. Just tell us what is your favorite piece from the above given versatile separates and why by dropping a comment below :)

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  1. My favorite piece is one hang sleeve accessory because of all the above pieces this piece goes well with the outfit and this is the most beautiful one hang sleeve I have seen. This piece gives the full black outfit the right amount of glamour. I am waiting for the announcement of your previous giveaway. Thanks!

  2. Hi Devina, you have never looked so gorgeous before! Love the way you have shot, so real and so wearable. I love the saree accessory, never could have I imagined anything on a saree like this! This is so elegant and yet so understated. I would love to win a piece from this designer who re-imagines separates like no one else. I even love the collar piece but I don't know how it would look on a slightly broad woman like myself. I particularly love this collection because I have never seen a designer experiment that is wearable and yet so effortless. You rock girl. Lots of love.

  3. Hi Devina

    These detachable accessories are absolutely gorgeous and also a novel concept to me. You wore them all so elegantly and appropriate that each piece is wannable indeed. But to pick the best one out of these, I loved the handcrafted collar a lot. Even the simplest of outfit can be glamourized just with this collar and one can even ditch any piece of jewel for this piece. I would love to win it :)


  4. My favorite is Styling a Saree with a Mauve Holster Accessory. It is elegant and enhances the beauty of the wearer.

  5. Hi Devina,

    All the above accessories are just awesome. Never seen anything like these ever before. I loved all of them but one piece that stands out is the front cowl accessories. I love wearing sarees on special occasion and thispiece will definitely make any occasion special. Would love to wear it on my son's birthday because that is our special day and I just want to look different and awesome 😊

  6. Hey! I really liked al of dem bt I loved the first look . I like d way to styled the saree with d accessory. I think its ethnic as well as stylish. It can be worn on a frnd's wedding or a family party! Thnks for sharing these elegant dresses!

  7. Hllo Devina,
    First of all,i want to say that every single piece is looking fab on you.So classy n stunning.
    Its not easy to choose one of them, all are so unique. Still if i have to choose one-that would be One hang sleeve accessory with a suit. Because this accessory add a new look and twist to Indian ethnic suit. I like to wear suits occasionally, and this piece can help me look thousand times better. Nothing can beat this. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.
    Wish to win for myself

  8. This is fantastic Devina! I'd love to win a creation from this designer whose work is about real fashion and how a simplest of the Indian outfit can be made to look like its straight out of a star studded affair. Its flattering, glamorous and beautiful. You look gorgeous in that purple saree. Hoping to win!

  9. Love the outfits! The designs truly are amazing and you look lovely. I've won this because I want to own a designer place that truly reflects a modern indian woman's style, something that this designer stands for.

  10. Waiting sooo eagerly for the result, fingers cross