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4 ways to Prevent your feet from smelling Bad this winter season


Chilly winters are all about huge, warm coats, jackets and ankle-high, knee-high boots. Be it uggs or usual boots, they tend to keep your feet so warm throughout the day that you just don't feel like getting rid of them till it isn't time to tuck into your bed.
But wearing warm boots/booties throughout the day can make your feet sweat and naturally they start to smell. This smell is unbearable and especially if you are trying on a new pair in a store or happen to remove your shoes somewhere except your own house, it becomes quite an embarrassment.

Following some easy practices and adhering to some tips can leave your feet smelling good all day long.

1. Scrub and Dry-
As important as it is to wash your feet every night before going to bed and every morning, scrubbing, however should be not be ignored every twice a week. Getting rid of dead skin cells keep your feet fresh for longer. Also, keep a separate towel for your feet and make sure to clean every part, including the inside of your fingers nicely so that there's no collection of moisture.

2. Baby/Talcum Powder
Sometimes, you may be in a hurry which makes your feet remain moist. Apply some baby powder or talcum powder to dry out any moisture before wearing your socks and you're good to go.

3. Wearing Socks is Mandatory
Never skip wearing a pair of breathable socks with your boots but sometimes you may be wearing shoes which are a little showy. Wearing socks can spoil their entire look. So, opt for no-show socks which can be easily found in stores these days. These socks come in different colours and just cover the toes and heel area leaving the front face of the feet bare.

4. Switch Shoes
We know how you love your pair of boots but to alternate between your shoe collection is a must. Wearing the same pair consecutively for days can collect truck-loads of bacteria in it and smell bad. Also, whenever you remove a pair, make sure to keep it out in the sun for 2-3 hours the next morning to help them breathe some fresh air and get rid of the odour.

Taking care of your basic hygiene can help your feet stay happy and smell fresh keeping your confident all day long!

Image Source Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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