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Top 5 Foods That Boost Hair Growth And Keep It Healthy


Long, voluminous hair not only look gorgeous on Indian features but also give a very romantic touch to every attire. Braid them for a perfect desi, punjabi look and let them flow in soft curls for a candle-light dinner with your special one, long hair never disappoint.
But in a season like this when hair-fall is at it's peak, no serums, no shampoos and no oils seem to be working to increase the length and volume of your hair. In cases like these, the real culprit stopping your hair-growth are the wrong food items you're consuming.

Keeping a check on your food and adhering to a healthy diet as well as healthy eating routine is very important. Let go off the laziness and head to the grocery store to buy these things which will make your hair grow thick and long.

1. Eggs
Eating 2 eggs in your breakfast can give a kick-start to your hair-growth. But make sure to consume the yolk fully as it is the most beneficial.

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2. Almonds
Never say never to almonds when it comes to hair growth. Rich in biotin, eating almonds regularly can show results in less than a month.

3. Tofu (Soya Paneer)
Proteins are the building blocks of the hair and tofu contains a lot of protein content. It can be cooked and clubbed with various recipes but it's best if consumed raw.

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4. Strawberries
Strawberries, yes, the one fruit almost all we ladies love. Having 6-7 strawberries daily provides Vitamin C to the hair which prevents it from breakage. Strawberry on the cake!

5. Cabbage
We all know how Keratin makes the hair smooth and shiny and raw cabbage is a Keratin provider. Including clean, uncooked cabbage as a salad in your diet can work wonders towards hair growth.

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