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Pamper your hair at home with this Oil Spa


No fancy treatments or products can benefit your hair like an oil does. It's natural, easily available and inexpensive. Also, be it for dandruff or just a headache, it's what out grandmothers always suggested. 
Since Christmas is around and naturally it's time for the scalp to get dry and flaky, we thought pampering it a little would be a good idea. We have for you and only-oil hair mask which will give your hair spa like benefits helping them to grow longer and stronger. 

What you need
For this hair mask you would require Coconut Oil (for nourishment), Castor Oil (for thickness and volume), Almond Oil (for length) and Olive Oil(for shine).

How to Apply
Mix the four oils in equal amount in a bowl and heat the mixture in the microwave for 30 seconds. Heating makes the oils thinner and easy to seep into the scalp. 
Divide your hair into small sections and apply the oil mixture on the roots. If you want to deeply condition your hair, take the oil down to the tips of the hair. 
With the help of a head massager or your hands, massage your scalp for at least 10 minutes. This increases the flow of blood making your muscles relax. 
Take an old towel and put it in hot water. Make sure the water is not lukewarm. Take out the excess water and tie the towel around your head. The  towel apart from locking in the moisture ensures that the oil works its way deeply into the scalp. 

Remove the towel after 30 minutes and let the oil stay in your hair for another 1 hour after that. Wash it off with a shampoo and finish off with a conditioner. 

This Oil treatment is sure to make your locks shinier and happier. Do it once and you'll see the difference. Repeating this Oil mask once every week can help increase the volume and length of your tresses considerably. Beautiful hair your way this winters!

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