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5 Myths about Hair Conditioners Busted!


Winter is here and so is the season of Christmas and the much awaited New Year. I'm sure you ladies must be having a lot of Christmas night outs to attend. These night-out demand you to be prim and proper from head to toe, so why not start off with the head itself?
Hair in the winter season usually becomes dandruff-prone and dry. A bit of it is the season's contribution, but you could also be responsible for the brutal state of your hair. It is because you have been believing and religiously following things told to you about using your hair conditioner which in actual are mere myths. 

Here is a list of myths about hair conditioner which you should never believe to be true and save your hair from disastrous damage. 

1. Oily Scalp means No Conditioner
As an oily skin also requires a moisturizer, the rule implies here as well. You can choose a conditioner designed for oily hair but skipping it is never advisable. 

2. Conditioner Works best when Applied to the Roots
A conditioner is meant just for the middle to the tip/end of your hair. It is hair-oil which is supposed to be applied to the roots before a head-bath.  

3. Conditioner can be rinsed immediately
If the directions to use say 5 minutes, it means 5 minutes by the clock. Do not get impatient and rinse it off in a few seconds instead let it work its way to moisturize your hair. 

4. The longer you Leave, the Better it Works
Again, when they say 5 minutes, leaving the conditioner on for more than that will not do any more good. So, you don't need to spend those extra 15 minutes waiting for your hair to get softer. 

5. Conditioner Makes the Hair Limp
Well yes! Conditioner if not rinsed out thoroughly does make the hair limp as it contains essential oils for moisturizing. So, make sure to use enough water to rinse it out. 

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