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7 Mascara Hacks every woman must know


Mascara is one product which gives definition to the eyes along with enhancing the whole look. For most of you, mascara is that one must-have without which you cannot step out. But applying mascara can be tricky for some.

It is mandate for the mascara to hit your eye-lids while application and the way it smudges can make you repeat your make-up all over again. So, here we are to free you from all those tedious mascara problems with these easy hacks.

1. Wipe Off the Excess
Before you use the mascara on your lashes, rub it lightly against a tissue to avoid lumps. This will help in even application without any clumps. 

2. Curl and whirl
Never apply mascara without curling your eye-lashes with an eye-lash curler. This will help you end up using less of product and naturally, less of stiff eyelashes. 

3. Patience is the Key
So, almost everyone of us has tried to neatly remove off that little drop of mascara from the eye-lid or under-eye but the adamant one doesn't seem to listen without smudging. In such situations, ignore the drop and keep busy doing your makeup, by the time you're done, the mascara will automatically dry out and can be removed with cotton or even lightly peeled off with your fingers. 

4. The Lower Lash trick
It is juts impossible to apply mascara on your lower lashes the way you do on the upper ones. Hold the mascara wand vertically and coat each lower lash separately. 

5. Get it off
Removing mascara is a task. No matter how much you wash, your eyelashes still remain stiff. So, the best way to get rid of mascara from your eyelashes at the end of the day is to coat them with vaseline and massage. This will melt the mascara slowly and you can wash off the residue. 

6. Dual Purpose
In case you run out of your gel/liquid liner, using a mascara in place of it can be a good idea. It gives pretty much the same finish and will last you a while.


7. Make it go on and on
When you start to feel that your mascara has aged and dried and doesn't solve your purpose that well, just get your hands on some contact lens solution. Adding a few drops of this solution to your mascara can revive it magically and make you fall in love with the same product again. 

Image Source Pinterest. Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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