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Deepika Is Not Happy With The Reaction On The 'Ranbir Marriage' Post!


Ranbir and Deepika seen together for promotions of Tamasha in last few weeks, they attended conferences and events. Their statements became viral on every social media but the Deepika's one statement became the talk of the town when she said," Ranbir Can't get married till I allow".
They were asked same question again so Ranbir and Deepika told media that they have said it into a different meaning but it goes out of context. 

Ranbir said," Deepika did not say it like that. We all say it in jest. They have asked me when I will marry. Then, they saw Deepika, like she is my mom and asked her what she feels about it". 
He also added," Sometimes we just read the headlines. We don't read the material inside." 

Deepika also added," The situation there was very different, the way it was reported it was different. When I read the report and the comments saying, 'How can she say this' ' What does she think of herself' ..(it hurt)" 

What do you guys think of this statement? Tamasha is already released today and we will going to miss this jodi again! 

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