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Dos and Don’ts for Shaving!


Be it with wax, epilator or razor, hair removal is sadly an inevitable part of a woman’s life. And I’m sure all you ladies using a razor regularly must have experienced your legs and arms bleeding and would have suffered countless cuts and razor bumps. Is it that bleeding cuts make you all panicky? Well well, in that case you ladies need to get familiar with a couple of tips on how to use your razor effectively and at the same time harmlessly!

1. Exfoliate pre-shaving: 
Using a body scrub before shaving is the right thing to do. If you shave daily, you could skip the scrub every two days but exfoliation makes sure that your skin is free of dead cells and ready to be shaved.

2. Use a Shaving Cream:
The worst thing you could do to your skin is to use a razor on it bare. A shaving cream is something you cannot jut skip. In case you run out of your cream, using a shower gel or shampoo can also work just fine.

3. Direct the razor well:
Firstly, remember that it’s your own skin, so deal with it gently. Use the razor in the opposite side of the hair growth. Do not go over the same area more than twice and in case of sensitive skin, reduce it to once. This ensures perfection and smoothness on your skin.

4. Quality Check:
If you have been using a disposable razor as your regular one or using a very old razor with probably worn out blades, you need to hit the nearest beauty store immediately. Using a bad quality razor is the sole reason behind all your bumps and is also preventing a nice finish on your skin.

5. End it Well with Moisturizer:
Surely, using a razor is much less time-consuming than waxing but hold on ladies, don’t rush without applying a moisturizer on the shaved areas. A moisturizer acts as a coating on the skin and also makes it look much more polished and healthier.

So, I’m surely you’re all set to be friends with your razor. No blood ladies, only non-violence! ;)

Image Source Pinterest. Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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